A Quick Guide to Commercial CNC Routing and Cutting Plastics

CNC routing services are required for cutting and designing a variety of hard materials including glass, stone, wood, plastics and other polymers. The automated system is defined as a “Computer Numeric Control” router, and this means that the machine cuts any set shape from the given material. It is much more efficient than a jig router, and a much more precise system than die cutting. In the plastics industry, CNC routing is a critical process, and much of the end result depends on the cutting process. While the system is entirely automated, it takes a skilled team of professionals to ensure minimal waste and perfect cutting and shaping.

A CNC router cutting service which works with plastic materials must be able to manufacture a wide range of products. As one of the most common materials in the world today, people take plastics for granted, and may think that it is a rather simple material to work with. In fact, since plastic materials come in such variety, working with this material requires much more expertise than metals or wood! Not only can plastic materials have different physical and chemical properties, but it is also among the most commonly used materials. This makes plastics cutting services a key resource in almost any industry or commercial application.

Cutting plastic materials using CNC routing services starts with designing, and you service provider will start by applying the digital design. The initial CAD design may be provided by the client, or may be drawn out by the service provider. Once the digital design is ready, the CNC machine ensures precision cutting using a variety of tools.

The cutting is done under a multi tool system, but the most advanced machines  are also applied to cut rebates and counter slinks. However, this kind of machining takes years of experience, and while the software does make the process simpler; the key engineering depends on the attention to detail! If the product being cut is something as complicated as an art project or a prototype design, the plastics are often thermo treated, which is another complicated process. Only the biggest manufacturers and service providers can ensure precise cutting and speed in production.

Plastic manufacturers mostly produce the sheets, and may offer certain molded shapes; but CNC routing allows a far wider range of cutting. Only a handful of the best manufacturers of plastic materials also have in-house CNC router cutting services, which will help you save costs in the overall manufacturing process. Also, such a company is bound to have the resources to custom manufacture the kind of plastic materials you need for your purpose. With an integrated manufacturing process, a company that makes plastic materials as well as provides CNC cutting services will be able to ensure more reliable quality and better manufacturing standards when you need customized products.

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