A Malaysian Experience

A Malaysian Experience

If you haven’t visited Malaysia yet, now is the time! Malaysia is one of those countries that can cater to everyone’s holiday requirements. From the cosmopolitan side to colonial architecture to glorious beaches, and even hiking, Malaysia has it all! Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a true melting pot of cultures. On our Malaysia tour packages, we let you explore the authenticity of the country.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on a flight and visit this marvellous city. With our Malaysia holiday packages you will be ensure to witness the best places and enjoy some unique experiences. Here are our top reasons why you need to visit Malaysia:

Kuala Lampur:

The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a brilliant place to examine modern architecture. Here you will find one of the most contemporary buildings, and a skyline that is just mesmerising. The Petronas Twin is something that you should especially take time off to see. These towers were once the tallest in the world.

China Town:

Malaysia has been colonised by a number rulers, therefore it can be said that the country is a home to a number of cultures. However, being closest to China, Malaysia has some lovely Chinese cuisines with ancient heritage. In China Town, the 200 year old Kuan Yin Teng Temple is worth a visit and even the local dim sums are worth a try!

The Tea Plantations:

The tea industry has been a consistent part of trade and development in Malaysia. A visit to the Cameron Highlands with a guided tour is a great experience. An interesting fact to note is that, this is largest tea company in the nation.

Trekking in Malaysia:

Hiking is something that never crosses someone’s mind while travelling to Malaysia. However, Malaysia has some great mountains to hike at. Mt. Kinablu is one of them. Its trail passes through almost six vegetation areas, each at different elevations. So, if you’re a trekking enthusiast, do not miss this one out!

Colonial Architecture:

If you’re interested in history, we can take you to Melaka. This place is considered as an abode for colonial architecture. Being ruled by the British, Portuguese and the Dutch, the architecture reflects the art of each country. If you have excess time, do visit the ruins of the 16th century Portuguese fortress.

The Diving Experience:

Apart from having glorious beaches, the diving experience here is something that attracts a number of tourists. With crystal clear waters at Sipidan, you can enjoy diving in protected waters. This gives you a chance to discover underwater life.

Diverse Population:

Malaysia is truly a diverse country. With colonial influences and their rule, there is a mix of even Asian cultures. Being so diverse, it doesn’t stop Malaysia from living harmoniously. A diverse population as such gives Malaysia a rich cultural heritage.

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