A Good Assistant for Your Healthcare Organisations: Ehr2.0

Our company Ehr2.0 has teamed up to associate the healthcare organisation and ready to implement the practices of patient data. We will keep those secure as much as we can. We have launched many services which are really very popular. The Services are discussing below so that you will get an idea about our team work and company facility. So if you are also finding a good audit team then we are here and will be happy to help you.

The services of Ehr2.0: We are the best service provider for your business. Don’t waste time; get the best audit from us. Our team members are well experienced to help you in this matter. Here are the services we provide to our clients. Take a look.

  • OCR/HHS Audit Advisory Services
  • Security Awareness Training For Staff
  • Security Risk Analysis for MU & HIPPA

Some popular services are also there, mostly people asked for that, those are

  • HIPPA/HITECH Compliance
  • Security Risk Analysis

HIPPA Compliance Consulting: As it is the matter of your audit so our HIPPA Compliance Consulting is here for you. The services this consultancy will provide you as follow

  • Privacy and data breach
  • Regulatory Agency will ask for the Reports
  • Online Awareness training for staff.

What is HIPPA Meaningful Use?

It is very important and required for the every professional’sbusiness zone to attesting to HIPPA Meaningful Use in 2016. It is needed to receive the incentive payments and avoid any monetary penalties. If any company is under the HIPPA regulations then that company must need to complete the annual security risk assessment.

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