A Few Points You Need To Know About Agitation

When it comes to our carpet, Calgary cleaning services experts would tell you that agitation is one crucial part of professional carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and even upholstery cleaning.

Agitation is a clear-cut course of action, a phase of loosening and later on eliminating the dirt from any surface. It’s ingenious, though it may and does get overlooked at times, granting that it’s highly crucial to keeping anything and everything clean.

Whenever we take a full bath, we put some soap, after which you agitate our bodies with a loofah or brush, whichever we see fit to remove all the dirt and dead skin before we rinse under our showers for a fresher, cleaner version of ourselves.

Agitation is also necessary with shampooing our hair or our pet’s coats. We pre-rinse, apply shampoo, massage it and lather before we finally rinse it with water for a thorough clean. You may have also heard of agitators for our laundry machines, which remove the dirt, sweat, and other unwanted stains and particles on our clothes as we wash them.

True enough, it makes a difference when we just rubbed any cleaning product on the surface and merely rinse it off, and pre-rinsing, agitating and rinsing it well afterward. In fact, without agitation, don’t expect any significant difference to what you’re tidying up.

How Does Agitation Take Place In Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you ask just any carpet cleaner what agitation means, make sure to listen carefully. While you’re not expecting a pageant-level question and answer portion, you also wouldn’t appreciate a nonsense answer or none at all. Professionals would know that term from training, at least, and would show you how things are done should they have problems expressing themselves.

The objective of agitation is to distribute the carpet cleaning chemical uniformly and thoroughly over the carpet fabric. A supplementary goal is to dislodge virtually any dirt contaminants that could be sticking with the fibers. Agitation also works to accelerate the chemical reaction of the commercial-grade carpet cleaners Calgary experts use in the process.

Agitation can be achieved with the help of some tools. On the carpet, this could usually be carried out with a grooming rake, particularly for thicker, plush pile carpets. A bonnet device with spinning brushes is also suited for other carpeted surfaces and area rug cleaning. On textiles, agitation throughout couch cleaning is performed using a horsehair brush, a sponge, or toweling. This critical phase in cleaning massages the surfaces to be cleaned deep down to loosens any trace of soil or particulates, maximizing the effects of cleaning agents and equipment.

Steam cleaning carpets and regular vacuuming may help extract dirt from your carpets, but you need something more powerful to remove all those particles that have found their way to the bottom of your fabric piles. Go for a company (Calgary carpet cleaners is a good place to start) who knows what agitation means and how it is properly done.

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