A Company which helps to build quality products & build quality systems, processes – What should you know about BMQR ISO Certification Body?

A Company which helps to build quality products & build quality systems, processes – What should you know about BMQR ISO Certification Body?

BMQR is a Leading ISO Certification body which focuses on bringing total satisfaction to its clients and customers.

They do it by improving the quality of their deliverables and offerings.

As an external observer I studied how the systems and processes work at BMQR.

I came to know that they first identify risks within organizations and help them to improve their efficiency, reduce wastage and also to save money!

Yes, 3 Major results they produce are improving the efficiency, reducing wastage or cutting cost and saving money.

The wonderful thing about BMQR is that they have a highly motivated team with high morale.

Major being women workforce, they keep a family atmosphere at workplace and at the same time produce great results and value to their clients.

When we got to Interact with their founder Mr.Elango, he said that the strength lies in managing almost 11 branches with its own buildings, customer focused workforce.

The Workforce work systematically with professional ethics keeping good financial scores every month, every quarter, every year! That’s the Key!

Mr.Elango always believes in steady growth in terms of acquiring and maintaining new customers.

This is an organization which believes in training their manpower and equipping them on an ongoing manner!

The mantra is of course average employees producing great work at the end of the day.

BMQR is an organization which always wants customer friendly ecosystem and remain ethical in dealing with clients.

It is a reputed brand wanting to provide value for money to their end customers.

It provides certification that would be useful for most organizations.

Having a strong foothold with SME market BMQR aspires to have more government projects and corporate clients in the near future.

The benefits that you would get out of hiring BMQR are:

Improved Process

Processes are the fundamental building blocks of an organization. Processes transform inputs, which can include actions, methods and operations into outputs.

You would be able to get better satisfied customers!

ISO 9001 certification is a highly visible sign of your company’s credibility and commitment to quality one which potential customers take notice of.

You will have Better housekeeping facility within your organization.

Better housekeeping reduces the time for searching items / files in any organization. It increases the confidence of customers and employees.

Better housekeeping increases the productivity and reduces the cost.

You would be doing Continuous Improvement

In ISO 9001:2015 Quality management System, all processes are given targets and action plan for improvement. This provides continual improvement of all processes.

You will have Satisfied Employees at workforce

As part of the audit and certification process, your organization must evaluate how employees do their work and interact between functions.

When they are involved in an audit, employees become vested in your quality program and will likely end up supporting it more fully.

You will have Better management controls, Better sales and Marketing.

ISO 9001 implementation will increase the sales because your customers are better satisfied about the offerings.

Thus Certification increases your reputation in the Market!

If you are looking for ISO certification for your organization, you cannot miss out looking at BMQR as a provider!

Please have a look at their website – http://bmqr.co.in for further Information.


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