A Brief Introduction to Most Sought After Engineering Branches in India

The widespread popularity of B. Tech or engineering is not unknown to many. An increasing number of students are enrolling every year into various engineering branches in the engineering colleges and institutions spread across the country. Whether they are the engineering colleges in Lucknow  or Delhi, students are lining for admission. The benefits like wide career options, and exciting and well paying jobs offered by this field have a great role to play behind its popularity.

The B. Tech branches in India also have a wide choice; there are at least forty different B. Tech branches on offer in India, but not all are equally popular. Candidates prefer only some branches over others. We are listing below the five most sought after engineering branches in India with a brief introduction to them:

Computer Science or CS

Computer Science Engineering or CSE is unquestionably the most sought after B. Tech branch in India. This branch forms the basis for design and use of computers; it deals with both the software and hardware aspects. The main reason for the popularity of the CS branch in India is that India has become a hub for the IT sector, which is flourishing in India. The annual growth rate of this sector is over 10% and it generates lakhs of jobs every year. The pay packages and benefits offered by the IT companies to CS graduates are also quite attractive. Tech giants such as Google and Microsoft offer the best pay packets and benefits in the industry to young software engineers, provided they are deserving candidates.

Mechanical and Automation

Mechanical and Automation is the engineering branch that deals with the mechanics of machines and automated systems. The use of mechanical systems and automation is rising in various industries such as automobiles, steel, mining, and construction, and this is giving rise to the demand of mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineers are required to monitor, control and troubleshoot mechanical systems. There are enough job opportunities in this line and the pays are also decent.


Electrical is also referred to as the core engineering branch. This branch has to do with circuits, sensors, semiconductors, microprocessors, motors, and robotics, among other associated things. There are jobs available for electrical engineers in both government and private sectors. The government employers include BHEL, NTPC, Indian Railways, DMRC, and several others. In the private sector, the major recruiters are Intel, Cisco, Philips, Samsung, etc. The initial salary offered to electrical engineers is quite decent.


This branch has the honor of being the oldest engineering branch. It deals with construction activities pertaining to the development of major infrastructure of a country. There was a time when the popularity of civil branch decreased owing to lack of construction activity. But today, there is no dearth of good employment opportunities for capable civil engineers as there are a lot of major infrastructural projects in progress across India, especially in major cities. There are many more long-term projects lined up for future. So, the job prospects are promising in this line. One may seek employment as a civil engineer in government departments such as CPWD and NHAI. In the private sector, there are big construction companies such as IRCON, Larsen & Toubro and Gammon India, which offer attractive pay packets to civil graduates.

Electronics and Communication or EC

EC is yet another popular B. Tech branch in India. It deals with communication systems and signal technology. EC engineers usually find employment with telecom companies and media houses. In government, MTNL and BSNL are primary employers. While in private sector telecom companies such as Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone, along with various mobile manufacturers and media houses, are the major recruiters of EC graduates.

So, the above five B. Tech branches are the most sought after engineering branches in India. You will find them available in almost every good B. Tech college in the country. Whether you check the best engineering institutes in UP or Delhi, the aforementioned branches are there on offer.



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