9 Mouthwatering Desserts For Your Next Dinner Party!

No party is complete without a tempting mouthwatering dessert. What if we tell you we have a list of easy to make, extremely delicious desserts that’ll make you earn those extra points at your next dinner party? Well, read on to know what all we have to surprise you!

Cherry berry smoothie:

It is a quick and easy to make blender drink that requires a just a few ingredients. You just need to take cherries, milk, yogurt, blueberries, juice concentrate, honey, and vanilla and blend them together. Once you are done, serve this yummy smoothie in the best of your glasses.

Cherry berry smoothie

Mocha chocolate mousse:

This extremely delicious dessert requires you to layer chocolate mousse over fresh fruit and top with chocolate sprinkles, chocolate-covered espresso beans or whatever suits your taste.

Mocha chocolate mousse

Chocolate pots:

Unlike the regular chocolate pots, this dessert comes with a twist as it also includes a bit of ketchup. The ketchup lends a  berry-like, taste to it.

Chocolate pots

Chocolate- Peanut butter refrigerator cake:

This is a no-bake. All you need to do to make this yummy dessert is pile five to six layers of peanut butter cream and chocolate graham crackers. Once you are done layering, you can decorate it with a sprinkling of peanut butter chips.

Chocolate peanut butter cake

Wonton- dessert stacks:

This quick and effortlessly tasty dinner party dessert is made up of layer baked wonton wrappers, low-fat lemon yogurt and sliced strawberries and kiwis.

Wonton dessert stacks

Red wine baked pears:

You can serve this dessert hot or cold, just the way you like. If you plan to serve it cold you can prepare the pears a night before and if you want to serve it hot you can bake them in the oven just before the meal. Serve it with cream to earn those extra points.

Red wine baked pear

Apricot Galettes:

All you need for this easy- peasy yum party dessert is ready-rolled puff pastry and fresh ready-made custard from the supermarket. Combine these two together and you are good to go.

Apricot galettes

Spiced pastries:

This is yet another delicious dinner party dessert that can impress all your guests at the party. Just brush store-bought pie crust with melted butter, sprinkle with brown sugar and spices, cut in squares and bake it for a few minutes.

Spiced pastries

Cheesecake stuffed strawberries:

You wouldn’t have imagined that a dessert that easy could be a part of your dinner party menu! Well, fresh strawberries and no- bake cheesecake, that’s all you need to make it and end up your dinner party on a yummy note!

Cheesecake stuffed strawberries

Source: Party Vapours

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