7 Things you should know About a Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment consultants are salespersons of a special kind – selling “people” instead of things! Indeed they are involved in several steps of the long winded process of finding and positioning the right kind of people with the right skillsets in the right job! The recruitment consultant is responsible for the entire recruitment lifecycle that begins with sourcing a wide array of applicant profiles, screening the candidates to shortlist the most promising of them all, following up with them and organizing for the client company interactions / interviews and taking it to a successful close.

Recruitment consultants offer their services to client companies as well as job aspirants. Being a business and industry hub in India, you can find several professional recruitment consultants in Mumbai.  They work closely with both sides in order to build relationships gaining a deep understanding of both the recruitment needs of the organization and the exact job description and from the candidates as to what their specific skills, qualifications and aptitudes are so they can ascertain and match the best person for the right slot. Utilizing the services offered by the  top recruitment firms in Mumbai can actually ease your hunt in the talent market.

Here are 7 advantages you sign up for the moment you look to associate with a Recruitment Consultant


  • Specialized Representation: A recruitment consultant knows the exact nature of the job requirement and the culture of the organization it is for. Similarly from the voluminous piles of resumes that pour in by e mail, a potential candidate stands a better chance of his profile receiving the attention of the right decision makers and landing the job!
  • Wider and Unknown Clientele: In today’s world of unparalleled opportunities and choices, the sheer volume of available positions and the equally gigantic ocean of potential talent pool can take on mammoth proportions! A recruitment consultant is often aware of hidden and even niche segment jobs that do not offer easy visibility to the general job aspiring population. Similarly unique expertise and talent and prospective candidates holding specialized certifications would be better known to the discerning recruitment consultant who specialize in custom placements.
  • Time Saving: Signing up with a recruitment consultant saves you loads of time whether you are an organization looking for the right hires or a job seeker
  • Resume and Interviewing Support: A recruitment consultant will go the extra mile in providing value added services like support in resume creation, highlighting knowledge, skills and attitudes that will add the extra zing to your profile making it stand a cut above the rest!
  • Salary Negotiation Support: Even once the interview is closed successfully the task of a recruitment consultant is not over! A recruitment consultant will best help bridge the salary negotiation process in walking the fine line, knowing and sharing the salary range for similar related roles across the industry and to clinch the best deal
  • Confidentiality: Maintaining the organization image and branding, projecting the offer as from an employer of choice and positioning plum jobs appropriately are also key advantages of utilizing a recruitment consultant’s services
  • Professional Administration and Follow up :  Employing a recruitment consultant’s services means outsourcing the more cumbersome yet essential routine tasks such as sourcing, screening, following up with potential candidates, lining them up for interviews and taking them to a successful close. This in turn ensures your organization HR team saves invaluable time, a priceless asset in today’s busy world, for more meaningful and strategic work!!


With the Indian economy and job markets poised for growth, recruitment consultants and top recruitment firms in Mumbai offer you invaluable specialist support as you look for the right candidates to fit any job role you have in mind.

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