7 Mistakes to Avoid Before Renting A House

There have been a number of stories associated with renting a property. And not all of them are good. Thus, one needs to take plenty of precautions before renting a house. Renting a house is appealing as one gets a house without the ownership hassle of maintenance and other responsibilities. Pay the rent and live life without worries. With plenty of dealers available, Expat Homes Mumbai offer much more than just a real estate consultancy services. They are experts in prime location residential properties that offer transparent information and best possible option.

Expat homes fit into the requirements of the clients ensuring customers comfort and feasibility. There are many stories wherein the consultant has failed to keep up the promises and disappear. Thus, it is essential that one looks for a genuine consultant and find the reviews to ensure you get the best.

Here are things one must consider before renting an apartment

  1. Pay attention to the price. Find whether that suits your budget and then move further
  2. Research the area not only through the eyes of the consultant however one has to personally make that effort to find how the area is and availability of essentials around
  3. Find if you can have pets. There are a number of landlords who do not appreciate pets in their house
  4. Do not over spend on a property because you like it. Compare and find if the pricing is appropriate
  5. Check the apartment more than once before you sign in anything
  6. Find out if the property is furnished or non-furnished
  7. What will be the deposit amount and what are the terms of getting it back
  8. What information is on the contract? Read it carefully before you sign it
  9. Find out how much you need to pay to the consultant.

7 Mistakes to avoid before renting a house

  1. Evaluating the price of the similar house. There may be properties around that may be much lesser than what you are asked to pay or may be the house may be expensive that what is estimated to you. Either way, both are beneficial for you.
  2. Not checking the neighbourhood. Whether there is family or set of bachelor living which may later affect you and your family
  3. Signing an agreement before reading it. This is a common mistake as people tend to be in a hush to complete the formalities and get into the house
  4. Not checking the plug points, bathroom accessories, water pressure, conditions of the doors and windows etc
  5. Not finding of the payment of the maintenance. Not all the landlords pay for it
  6. Not checking on the point of contact in case of emergencies like leakage, short circuit, power cut, water cut etc. This is common when the landlords are aboard and then it all becomes to do it yourself
  7. Finding out the number of days, months notice requirement before you vacate the house for the smooth transactions in deposit amount etc.

Expat Homes Mumbai are expert property consultants thus; they review the apartment before you review it. It makes a lot of difference in the consultant you choose is the one who is helping you find a house that will be your home.

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