5 Unique Gift Ideas For A Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are a part of the western culture, where women close to the bride-to-be plan a get together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. It’s totally a gift-giving affair where all the attendees gift the bride-to-be with something that she would adore and use in her life after marriage. However, the entire process of gift selection can be quite a hassle. So, here’s a list of what all can be gifted on a bridal shower:

Cute picture frames:

The best way to display one’s memories! You can gift cute and creative picture frames that will help the future couple to show off their wedding day long after it’s over. It can act as a perfect desk accessory or coffee table décor.

Picture frame

Spa treatment:

Bride-to-be is sure to suffer from pre-wedding stress. So, you can help reduce this stress by booking her into a luxury spa experience! Nothing can be more relaxing than a massage, facial or sauna so as to eliminate all that pre-wedding stress.


Bed linen:

For someone who is going to start a new phase of her life, a symbolic gift like fresh bed linen is just perfect! Such a gift will not only be there in the form of blessings but will also add up to the necessary items that she would need in her new married life.

Bed linen


It’s one of your closest friend’s bridal shower and you plan to make her home cooking a romantic affair. So, a cookbook can be the best way of inspiring both parties to get in the kitchen and discover the tastes of different regions around the globe. It’ll provide a great way for a couple to select recipes and make for a quiet at-home date night.



Just like linen, homewares and kitchen appliances can also add up the after marriage necessities. All you have to make sure is that the items you choose suit the bride to be’s tastes. Appetizer plates are a great gift. They’re a nice little extra that the couple might not have thought of but really great to have on-hand for casual cocktail nights or formal holiday parties.


Source: Party Vapours

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