5 Myths About Carpet Cleaning That Needs To Be Straightened Out

The only time you shouldn’t care about your carpets is when you don’t have anything installed. Carpet cleaning is essential to prolonging your carpet’s lifespan, but also for all other reasons, most especially health.

If you have kids and pets at home, you can find them sitting, crawling or lying on your carpet floor most of the time. You might be thinking that this practice should be okay since your carpet looks clean anyways. Then again, what you do not see and realize is that carpets have the capability to conceal dirt and grit, bacteria, mold and mildew and allergens under its fibers. “What you don’t know wouldn’t hurt you” wouldn’t apply to carpets.

We’ve gathered myths that have been circulating for some time, and our Calgary carpet cleaning experts will help us do some debunking. Read on, and you might learn something new.

Myth #1 You don’t have to clean carpets until after its first anniversary.

What makes carpets amazing around the house is that they do not look as dirty as they are. While vacuum and steam cleaning carpets help take care of your flooring, they’re just not enough. You may choose to have professional carpet cleaning after the first year, but don’t do this beyond 18 months, especially if your carpet came with a warranty. Experts can take care of the grit and dirt that may not be visible at first glance.

Myth #2 Cleaning can make my carpets shrink.

That may be true, if you do not take the extra precaution and if your carpet doesn’t dry out completely. If you would like to pamper your flooring with some shampoo and massage, leave it to trained carpet cleaners. Your carpet needs thorough cleaning which includes pre-treatment and post-treatment solutions. They should be able to do the job without the fabric piles shrinking out of proportions.

Myth #3 Vacuum cleaning can be done once a week.

Yes, if foot traffic isn’t that heavy or if you do not have pets and kids at home. For health reasons, we highly recommend vacuum cleaning as often as possible if you can’t do it everyday. Doing it at least once a week can still work, but you have to make sure you attend to spills and stains as soon as you see them.


Myth #4 Carpet Cleaning can be a DIY project.

Commercial carpet cleaners and equipment just can’t compare to what professionals use. If you don’t want to call professional carpet cleaning services, you would have to invest in professional-grade materials, which come with a hefty price. You would also have equipped yourself with training and technical knowledge.

Store-bought products either contain a lot of water or talcum powder and other ingredients that can be damaging to carpet fabrics with frequent use. If you attempt to shampoo your carpetings and failed to dry them out completely, you may expect shrinkage or mildew and mold formation to the very least.

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