5 Most Popular Must-Visit Cruise Ports

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If you are looking for the perfect vacation idea for the family, why not book a cruise. Well, this might not be the first thing on your mind but if you want a refreshing vacation it is time to consider sailing to your destination for a change.  There are custom cruise vacation packages available for families and you will get an opportunity to explore different destinations on a single trip.

Better still, you have a chance to experience luxurious sailing with most lines spending millions of dollars to provide passengers with an outstanding encounter. A cruise gets you more bang for the buck because the entire package comes loaded with exciting features. From onboard facilities, cruise shore excursions, fine dining and exquisite onboard service you have a chance to sit back and get pampered.

Well, with so many destinations to choose from, you might find it find it hard to make a choice of the best cruise. Whether this is your first cruise or not the following destinations should be at the top of your list when comparing different cruise packages:

1.San Juan, Puerto Rico

Of course Puerto Rico as a whole is every traveller’s dream but what makes it truly amazing as a cruise destination is the historic city of San Juan. This port dates back tot eh 16th century and for your trouble you will be rewarded with amazing architecture, scintillating cuisines with a Latin flavor, relaxed life on the streets and a welcoming people. You have myriad opportunities for breathtaking photos.

2.Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos:

This is a port in the Atlantic though most people are blown away by its glorious sand beaches, beautiful turquoise skies and beautiful resorts. This is a must-visit destination if you are looking for a perfect romantic getaway.

3.Grand Cayman, Caymans Islands:

For nature lovers, Grand Cayman comes with a surprise in store. This is the only place you get to see the world’s most endangered Iguana, the blue iguana. The stingray city is also a major attraction but the beaches are still magnificent and of course the hotels are world class.

4.Philipsburg, St. Maarten / St. Martin:

This port is unique in its blending of two unique cultures; French and Dutch. This means a diverse architectural outlook and cuisines though everyone speaks English. If shopping is part of your cruise shore excursions, this is there are many duty-free free shopping malls. Pinel Island is a short distance away by boat if you are looking for a serene spot to while away time before going back to your ship.

5.Nassau, Bahamas:

This is rated among the best cruise destinations in the world. Nassau has something for everyone and while it is technically in the Atlantic it retains that Caribbean flavor that every vacationer loves. The picturesque townhouses are awe-inspiring while the locals are easy going and fun to mingle with. The sea-themed foods are a delight and you will always look forward to coming back for more.

Go on and find the best cruise vacation packagesand make sure you have a chance to visit one of these incredible destinations while at it.

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