5 Important Facts That People Should Know About Coconut Oil As Lubricant

Going out dry during penetration would certainly make it uncomfortable and painstaking for women. Sex has to be pleasurable and not of grief-stricken intercourse at all. It’s the enjoyment that both in the couple want for all time. These reasons compelled the idea of using lubricants during sex. However, when this came as a solution, a new debate sparked about different types of lubricants and their advantages and disadvantages.

For the time being, the popularity of coconut oil as lubricant has increased and many facts came about them. Since there have been no scientific studies to recommend that coconut oil is a good or a bad lubricant for sex, the upward opinion favors the same as well for many reasons. At this point of time, it is the lube manufacturer who should guide the customers in the right way instead of misleading with fake brand drivels.

The facts we have collected is based on the personal experiences and natural properties of coconut oil. Check out the following:

1. Only pure organic coconut oil for sex

There’s a difference between adulterated and pure organic coconut oil, whose effect will surely be seen on the body itself. To cut down the vaginal dryness, women who have used pure coconut oil and experienced a smooth and transcendental sex. On the other hand, women who were unsure about the quality of coconut oil they used came up with several complaints like itchiness, infection and irritation.

2. Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal and paraben-free

Though cosmetic manufacturers of products with Parabens claim that it is a preservative for preventing bacteria, the results are otherwise. Contrary to that, the coconut oil is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and paraben-free product that is useful for penetration. Quite a number of cosmetic products are now coming up with “Paraben-free” ingredients.

3. Not good for latex condom use

Women who prefer coconut oil for personal lubrication should keep in mind that it is not compatible with latex condoms and better make their partners aware of that. Nevertheless, they can work well with polyurethane condoms.

4. Stimulating and massage-friendly

Many self-proclaimed experts have advocated in the favor of coconut oil as a personal lubricant because they are edible, but that’s not all true. Women can prefer coconut oil for sexual massages too. It allows stimulating desires and provides satisfying experiences to people who introduce it as an effective element for sex.

5. Certified products available

In the category of organic personal lubricants, coconut oil comes as a first preference. Notably, there are water-based and oil-based versions available in products. Moreover, there are only a few select products certified by the USFDA that are in the markets. No one should purchase any other than USFDA certified products.

The buyers should take enough time to read the description of products while buying online or offline. If the manufacturer puts up the genuine information on its cover, then it becomes easier for shoppers to buy the product. A few producers of these lubricants do provide vital information about their products.

About The Author:-

Bryan Richard has written several articles based on the topics of health, nutrition and sexual wellness. Right from the beginning, he has taken the cues from people who have been using coconut oil as lubricant and efficiently presented that information. He adds that organic personal lubricants are mostly recommended by doctors these days for their minimal effects to women who prefer safe and smooth personal lubrication alternatives.

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