5 crucial facts about pitbull dogs that every pet lover should know

Pitbulls are one of the most euthanized breed of dog in the United States. This is mainly because of the myths that surround this breed. As result, most people believe that these dogs are not good for adoption and they will not take them home. However, this breed is one of the best dog pets that any household can have. Here are some of the things that you do not know about the pitbull dog.


The first England settlers in the United States are the ones that introduced Pit bulls in the US. These dogs were bred to fight with other animals as a sport, for example, Bear baiting, which entails tormenting a bear for fun. This breed had a part to play in world war one and world war two. The Pit bulls were brought to The Americas in the 1900’s and were used to symbolize patriotism.

They love people

Pit bulls love people and spend time with people. They will always want to stay close to adults and children throughout the day. They love rolling over to get belly rubs, snuggling, cuddling, and even crawling on your lap. One misconception is that pit bulls are aggressive towards people. However, this breed of dogs loves people and they are ranked among the most affectionate dog breed in the world. They are less aggressive when compared to breeds such as beagles, corgis and golden retrievers.

They do not love other furred animals

Different Pit bulls will have varying degrees of tolerance for other animals. Even though this breed has a history of being aggressive as a fighting dog, not every pit bull dog will possess this behavior. This breed requires training, socialization and monitoring just like other breeds. This will help you determine the tolerance of your breed when in company of other animals. You will find Pit bulls that love playing with other dogs, while others will prefer to be the only pet in your home.

Therapy dogs

Pit bulls are a beautiful breed of dogs that are mainly used as therapy dogs. These furred friends offer an outstanding service as therapy dogs. They can visit senior care facilities to keep the elderly busy or they can assist someone with an emotional accident to recover. If you want a dog that will assist you in your time of need, then you should consider this breed.

Had an urge to please

Pit bull dogs have an urge to please their owners. Despite the negative notion that this breed has received over the years, people who have owned this furred breed know that it was bred to show love and gratify its owner. This pet will do anything that its owners ask him/her to do. This characteristic makes it an ideal dog for performance sport.

In spite of the high energy, love for life, intense devotion and vivacity, pit bulls are one of the best dog breed in the world. They are entertaining and will give you the best company. Even though this dog breed has a troubled history and reputation among pet lovers, it is one of the amazing companions that anyone can have. Whether you are a pet keeper or a dog enthusiast, you will definitely learn a lot by interacting with your pitBull dog.

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