3 Reasons You Should Not Skip Professional Carpet Cleaning

There are times when our expenses supersede our finances, or almost, especially when we have a lot of things to squeeze in every day, week, and month of our lives. We have our shares of needs and wants that we try so hard to fit in our budget list. Unfortunately, on those times that each and every expense seems as important as the other, we tend to postpone some things we can temporarily do away with. If this happens to you, you’re not alone. Sadly, most of us include rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services to this “Can Delay” list.

Professional carpet cleaning is highly recommended once a year, but not to exceed eighteen months. If you own one gorgeous carpet that fits perfectly in your home and still looks “clean” enough, you might be thinking you can max out that 18-month threshold. Then again, when your time is almost up, you may think of million other reasons to postpone it once more.

Warranty Conditions
If your carpets are still under warranty, you wouldn’t like to neglect to hire an expert carpet cleaner. Most companies require meticulous care of their products, even after sales. That’s why they recommend carpet cleaning once every one and a half years and even go as far as requiring receipts when filing a claim.

Then again, you have to make sure you only deal with reputable Calgary cleaning services and Albertacarpet cleaning professionals. Inexperience and poor work quality can also lead to warranty voids.

Vacuuming and Foot Traffic
When you have kids and pets at home, or a moderate to heavy foot traffic in the office, vacuuming, and steam cleaning carpets just are not enough. These are two effective ways to keep as many allergens and dirt away in between professional carpet and area rug cleaning. However, then can only clean your floors on the surface. These carpets can accommodate dirt and grit up to four times its weight or even more before people can start noticing, and you should be careful because not all things invisible can’t hurt.

Nothing Beats The Experts
Calgary carpet cleaning experts tell us that no matter how much we can be meticulous when it comes to cleaning carpets and area rugs, Calgary homeowners cannot solely rely on commercial products and carpet cleaners in the market. While these items can remove grit from the fibers, the results are still incomparable to what experts have to offer.

Store-bought machines also do not and cannot extract water, detergent, and dirt as thoroughly and efficiently as professional-grade machines. There is also products and equipment that when used incorrectly, can hurt and damage your carpets.

When you consider the comfort and aesthetics you derive from these carpets and area rugs, you wouldn’t think twice about spending some amount on their maintenance and care. The amount you spend on professional cleaning services can never match the benefits you and your family get with your carpet flooring.

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