3 Powerful Ways To Remove Killer Carpet Odors

Most homeowners who would like to add some aesthetics to their homes while promoting better air quality along with thermal and noise insulation prefer to install wall to wall carpets at home. We can’t blame them. After all, carpet flooring adds value to the house, and comfort, too.

Then again, there are people who have been so busy they can’t attend to carpet cleaning themselves. For the responsible ones, they hire professional carpet cleaning or rug cleaning services whenever they can or at least once every 18 months as manufacturers suggest.

For the not-so-responsible individuals, their carpet can end up accumulating dirt, mold, mildew, bacteria, and allergens just to name a few. Oh, and let’s not forget the worst part – odor! We can’t judge these individuals and say they’re not doing their job. They may resort to steam cleaning carpets once in a while, but apparently, that method isn’t enough especially when using home-grade appliances or carpet cleaner.

Giving every one the benefit of the doubt, we may just be too busy with our hectic schedules or that we’re too lucky to have purchased a high-quality carpet that simply wouldn’t look dirty, even when it’s already filled with filth.

This article shouldn’t be about who takes care of their carpets and who doesn’t. Instead, we need to talk about how we deal with the bad smell that can make carpeting a regret.

#1 Prevention Is Always Best

We get this all the time, simply because it’s true. Prevention can save us from future damages, headaches, and expenses. Hence, we should be extra careful when handling anything that can damage our carpet floors. This can also apply with couch cleaning.

Odor can develop from a multitude of things, like mold or mildew or damp areas we sometimes overlook. If you can, avoid getting spills on your carpets. This may be a little tricky when you have kids or pets. Train your loved ones to use spill-proof containers or to at least eat or drink in a non-carpeted area, like the kitchen. Making sure everyone in the household, including pets, do not step on the carpets with their feet wet or muddy.

#2 Identify Existing Sources

If your carpet already smells, although manageable, try identifying sources and causes right away. Taking more time or overlooking this fact may worsen the situation over time.

It wouldn’t take an entire day to scan your rugs and carpets for odor, especially when things start to get pretty obvious. While you can always call your favorite Calgary cleaning services to do the job, don’t let things pass without taking the extra mile. Let people household know about the causes so everyone can do their share of not causing the same damage to your carpets in the future.

#3 Professional Carpet Cleaning

I believe we’ve already mentioned this earlier, but we’ll say it again, you should definitely consider carpet cleaning. Calgary has its own directory of cleaning companies Calgary and nearby area residents can call for maintenance needs. Just be careful to select the best ones that would work for your interest. After all, your relationship will be long-term especially when your carpet needs professional pampering once in every 12-18 months.

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