3 Myths You Should Know About Cleaning Wet Carpets

When your carpet is accidentally exposed to water damage, you can expect mold, mildew, and other contaminants if you do not have it cleaned and dried right away. In fact, even a tiny amount of moisture can cause these organisms and substances to form when left unattended.

Carpet cleaning can be a hot topic, too, for homeowners, especially when discussing water damages of all sorts. Here are some myths and facts we believe everyone can learn.


Myth #1. Wet Carpets Can Dry Up On Their Own

Our first myth can be remarkably believable. While some people neglect to hire a professional carpet cleaning service even in severe water damages due to financial constraints, others still abandon the maintenance of their carpets for some other reasons. True enough, almost anything could be air dried, including carpet floors and area rugs.

Calgary can be pretty dry in winter and scorching in the summer, which makes the task a whole lot easier. However, other important considerations must also be made, such as other materials affected by the water damage, the formation of mold and mildew, and the foul smell. While carpets can dry on their own, the subfloors and floor pads also have some drying up to do.


Myth #2. Carpet Cleaners Can Remove The Foul Smell

If you’re only referring to the store-bought cleaning supplies and “as seen on TV” equipment, you may not get the same result as hiring a human carpet cleaner and professional-grade machinery.

While baking soda, vacuuming, and steam cleaning carpets may resolve the issue of smells and odors, we still recommend getting services from the cleaning companies. Calgary arguably has dedicated carpet experts who can prevent and treat any damages before it’s too late.


Myth #3. All Water Damaged Carpets Must Be Discarded

Yes, if they suffered from a black water damage, that is. Blackwater contains fecal and urinal matter that can be toxic and harmful to our health. This reasoning leads us to dispose of any carpets and other materials drenched with this water waste before our family ingests any substance that can cause diseases or death.

For less severe water damage, as in the cases of clean and gray water intrusion, cleaning and restoration are still possible. Sanitary water damage can be treated with cleaning solutions comprised of bleach and water, although you have to ensure your carpets dry completely if you’re doing it by yourself. Steam cleaning carpets, in this case, will not be enough, especially when tackling wet areas.

Gray water damage, or any water waste used to clean dished, laundry and our bodies that do not contain fecal matter and urine, needs to be handled by professionals.


Carpet cleaning services will be very helpful when dealing with water damage. They can save you so much time and effort, especially when handling water damage affecting an entire floor area. For sure, you wouldn’t really mind spending a few hundred dollars to keep your family safe from health risks and all other inconveniences these unfortunate events could bring. You know you can always call an Alberta carpet cleaning team to restore your carpets anytime.

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