Dental care has improved over the years, but so many people still suffer tooth loss each year.  For a long time, the only treatments were dentures and bridges, but dental implants have become increasingly common these days. 
Dental Implants
 A dental implant is a replacement for tooth roots, providing a strong foundation for both permanent and removable teeth; both of these are made such that they match natural teeth.  Talk to your family dentist, and they would guide you more about dental implants.
I like the sound – what benefits do I get?
Your dentist can tell you all the details of getting dental implants. Over here, we’ll quickly skim the main ones.
Dental implants improve your appearance; they are exactly like your own teeth, and so they integrate well with them. Plus, they fuse with your jaw bones, which makes them permanent.Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t let your teeth slip within your mouth, so you don’t slur or mumble your words.  Thus, you speak clearly and with ease.Dental implants are a permanent option and offer you the highest level of comfort compared to other dental treatments. Plus, this permanency makes them a convenient option because you don’t have to deal with adhesives as with dentures.When availing dental implants, your dentist would not reduce other teeth or alter them in any way. Your teeth are left as they are, which improves oral hygiene and health.  Dental implants can last for years, and if you take good care of them, as advised by your dentist, they would last a lifetime.The success rate of dental implants is around 98%, but this does vary depending on where you are getting them placed.Dental Implants

So what is the dental implants procedure like?
Your dentist will develop a customized treatment plan for you that addresses your specific needs.  A complete team is involved in the process, working together to provide you coordinated care for the most feasible option in your particular case.The second step involves placing the tooth root implant into the gap where the tooth is missing.  This implant is mainly composed of titanium and is injected into the bones. When the surrounding jaw heals, tissues grow around the implant, securing it in place.  Generally, this healing process lasts for around 6 to 12 weeks.Your dentist will now attach abutment, a connector post, to the root implant so that your new tooth can be secured. Your dentist would already have created a new tooth for you using your teeth impressions and bite model. This new tooth, also referred to as the crown is fixed to the abutment.Oh, this sounds painful

The dental implants process doesn’t really involve a lot of discomforts. Local anesthesia is administered so the pain is not that much. You may experience some soreness afterward; your dentist will prescribe medicines to deal with this.  

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