Learning English as a further language can be trying and difficult. Have you ever done a Google search to determine which trainer or company provide the service you require? Attempting to locate a suitable English tutor online it is hard. 

Before commencing with your search, it is crucial to establish the criteria to determine if the English training provider is your perfect match. Through an intensive discussion with some of the learners is was possible confirm what they considered most important when deciding to make use of the Online English 24 services.

• A free need analysis and training recommendation

• Face to face Online Training

• Live training on Virtual Classrooms

• Professional, Mother tongue, and Experience Trainers

• Recorded Sessions

• 24/7 access to recorded video training and Learning material

• Private or Group Trainings

• Customized programs for your Departments & Industries

• Affordable prices

• CEFR certification

• Assistance for International test preparation

Most commonly, but not limited to individuals in search of further training in the English language are those seeking better opportunities. Whether it is for working or studying abroad or find employment in local international companies, the largest spectrum of people looking for the advancement in proficiency English consist of the suit and tie generation – business people from all backgrounds and industries.

We can classify these individuals fundamentally in three separate groups as follow:

1. Little pre-knowledge to beginner level, which has a general and basic English knowledge and skills.

2. Beginner to intermediate level, which has a broader English knowledge and skill

3. Advanced intermediate to the higher level, which includes the individuals who can use English more efficiently but want to broaden their knowledge and expertise.

Training provided by Online English 24 create building block from the one level to the next and through a thorough need analysis was done by the expert trainers they determine the exact need of each learner before commencing with any language training sessions.

Individuals falling into the first category has limited experience in the English language, therefore, the training focus on the foundations such as sayings, basic grammar, development of vocabulary, basic sentence structure, reading, pronunciation, and action related communication. To simplify the process translation plays a significant role in this part of the training process.

Once the learner is comfortable with the basics of the language the focus shifts to speeches and regional expressions, grammar, text corrections, and advanced spelling. Vocabulary extension, advance reading comprehension, listening skills and oral communication are in the limelight, as well as the introduction to formal and informal English and the understanding and issuing of instructions.

In the final steps of the English learning journey focus shift to even more serious issues of the language. Writing essays, editing and punctuation, emphasis, and pronunciation. Discussion topics relate to business, finance, marketing, and superior listening and reading skills are developed with the extension of vocabulary and finding your mistakes.

As most people disclosing the urge to improve their English ability the business English courses concentrate on developing the necessary business skills such as negotiating styles, shopping, and prices, the definition of objectives, listening skills, development of a strategy, persuasiveness, first contact and body language. However, this is not the limitations as other categories emphasized include custom team negotiations, enforceability and the “never,” application and countering of tricks, communication skills, cultural mindfulness, the art of socializing and small talk, time management, and public speeches, presentations, and lectures.

Training groups for companies are available to those who want to gain the edge over their competitors by empowering their staff with an international communication skill and effectiveness.

Learning the language in the reading, listening, and writing components do not offer such a huge challenge as the speaking portion of the colorful English language. Through an initial evaluation process of voice recording from a set of paragraphs and sentences, the Online English 24 trainers can evaluate the impact of your mother tongue influence on you vocal English ability. MTI – Mother Tongue Influence – reduction is possible through input and practical exercise after the initial evaluation.

Furthermore, Online English 24 trainers will assist you with the key to consonant stressing, emphasizing the English vowels in the vocal sounds in words, sentences, and passages. Practical exercises relating to the loudness and clarity of the last consonant and necessary breaks in sentences will boost your confidence.

The correct pronunciation in English is crucial hence the development of practical exercises to train your voice the right way to stretch and diffract a word, sentence, and nouns or verb pairs to transmit the desired meaning. The inclination of variants of different phrases through practice will teach you the correct intonation and voice modulation exercises will pull you through to sound like a native.


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