National Medical Admission Test – the five and half hours of tests to facilitate entry to prestigious Medical Colleges in the Philippines. It is not without reason that the NMAT Exam Philippines is a grueling format designed to let in only the best. MBBS degrees from top Universities in Philippines are recognized by the World Health Organisation, and will help pave the way for candidates to clear the Medical Council of India (MCI) screening test and the United States Medial Licensing Examination (USMLE).

The eligibility to appear for NMAT Exam Philippines is a bachelor’s degree. The exams are administered by the Centre for Educational Measurement, twice a year and candidates can appear for the exams in test sites as intimated by the CEM. The results of the exams will be available a fortnight after the exams. Part I and Part II of the tests have a total of 400 questions, and the marks awarded are between a range of 200 to 800.

NMAT Exam Philippines – the gateway to admission:

Students desirous of seeking admission to medical schools in the Philippines need to appear for the NMAT Exam Philippines, which is conducted by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) through the CEM, to assess the suitability and aptitude of a student to pursue a degree in MBBS. Modeled on the lines of the MCAT in the US, the NMAT Exam Philippines assesses a student’s skills and knowledge in

  • Verbal
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Quantitative and Perceptual Acuity Skills
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Social Sciences
  • Chemistry

The tests are conducted in two sessions. The first session will be the morning session and the second will be a noon session.

Short cuts to success:

  • Taking An institute offering training and consultancy will be able to identify the specific weaknesses of a candidate and help the candidate to work on it and improve performance to succeed in the exams.
  • Taking practice tests regularly to get an idea of the limitations of time imposed. NMAT Exam Philippines are not just about the questions, they are also about time. The devil is in the time limit. A practice test will help a student to know first hand where he or she needs to improve in terms of timings.