Many of us find that dieting is one of the most frustrating and disappointing goals we set. Most of us probably feel like we understand the vegan diet and are aware of its benefits but, as with any other new diet, are skeptical and decide against it. Obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other serious health problems arise due to unhealthy eating, poor food choices and improper dietary habits. As a means for overcoming these health issues, we have access to a seemingly endless variety of diets and plans…most of which promise to make us thin and healthy and happy immediately and with little or no effort. Of course, it all seems too good to be true and always is.

When compared to other type of diets—and particularly to classic meat-based diets–vegan meals are significantly healthier with superior long-term benefits to consider. 22 Days Nutrition exists with the simple but powerful mission of helping you find the healthiest and safest diet available. Through its online store, it offers a wide selection of nutrient-rich products including protein powders, paleo protein bars, vegan meals and much more.

22 Days Nutrition offers you an exciting path to healthier living. Aside from providing healthy food and supplements, it has introduced the exclusive 22 Days Vegan Challenge that, when followed, will lead you to a healthier and more productive lifestyle. The Challenge evolved from the common belief that it takes 21 days for a person to stop a bad habit, meaning that he or she will begin a fresh, healthy habit on the 22nd day and going forward.

22 Days Nutrition only sells products that are 100% organic, absolutely healthy and made from the most natural substances on the planet. A sample of products offered are:

  • Protein Bars: Delicious, nutritious and made with organic chocolate chips, coconut, almond butter, agave, peanut butter, nuts, sunflower, flaxseed and pumpkin seed
  • Protein Powders Supplements: 15- and 30-servings of plant power with 20 grams of protein per serving
  • On-the-go Shake Packs: Convenient, single-serve packets of the most popular powder supplement
  • Books, Recipes and Articles: The 22 Day Revolution book is designed to transform your mental, emotional and physical health in 22 days and related online material supports your dedication to healthier living
  • Meals: A variety of meals designed to provide nutrition and nourishment delivered right to your doorstep

All products are USDA-certified as organic, plant protein formulated for function, non-GMO and are 100% vegan; many products are gluten-free and soy-free. Because adherence to a true vegan lifestyle means the elimination of dairy-based products, The 22 Days Nutrition line is dairy-free. 22 Days Nutrition’s protein supplements never contain steroids and you can feel good about what you are doing for your body, your health and the environment when ingesting only organic superfoods.

The 22 Days Nutrition meals offer fast, convenient and fresh online vegan food delivery. The meals are available as a-la-carte or weekly meal plans made only from the finest available organic vegan ingredients. 22 Days Nutrition is committed to delivering the best plant-based diet—free of all cholesterol and saturated fats—in order to promote optimal health and wellness among its loyal customers.

For a truly fresh, healthy and evolved lifestyle, try the 22 Days Vegan Challenge offered exclusively by 22 Days Nutrition.

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