1: You must be able to manage content better

If you are wanting to inbound marketing methodology to get more leads from your website, you must have a content management system in place on your website

Here are some things to look for in a content management system:

  • It can be designed and constructed in such a way where you can change about 90% of the things on your internal web site.
  • It is easy to use, so that someone with no knowledge of code can easily add or change content.
  • You can customize the experience based on the characteristics of your visitor
  • It must be SEO friendly.
  • It should allow you to easily add a blog or two.

2: You do not know if you get results 

If you do not know how many leads you get from your website or other marketing activities, it is unlikely that the CEO think the site is a high priority.

As we talk to B2B companies, three situations occur:

There is no measurement tools in place, making it impossible to see if a website generates new business opportunities.

Measures are in place, but the measures do not bring real value to the organization and does not take into account in the decisions that are taken or marketing budget allocation.There are measures in place, but the analysis is not done on a regular basis.No wonder that many business leaders in B2B companies think that their sites are nothing more than a brochure! Recasting is the best time to implement more monitoring capabilities into your website.

3: Your brand is not visible on search engines

Google the company name. Hopefully your website the company is the # 1 result. If it does not, you’re in trouble. But how well optimized your website for sentences that do not have your company name in them?

There are more than 10 billion searches on Google every month. This is at least thousands of possibilities for your business to get found things that people are looking for every day.

Contrary to popular belief, you can not launch a website and see immediately appear at the top rankings of search engines. Good rankings result from a solid strategy, a good web development and ongoing optimization over time.

For best results, make sure that your online marketing agency pays special attention to content. Here is how the process should work to ensure that your content resonates and is optimized for search engines:

  • Develop detailed profiles of your ideal customers (we call these personas).
  • Conduct an audit of content to map what’s there now, and identify gaps that your ideal customers expect to see.
  • Make the keyword thorough research so you know what people are actually looking for.
  • Develop a content plan – an overview of the structure of your site and that the public pages are intended to be, and the calls to action that you place on each page.

Writing content for your website is incredibly difficult and takes time, unless you have a solid framework. Consider writing copy points and let the content of your writing online marketing agency for you. You will be happy when your company site gets more relevant visitors from search engines.