The dramatic rise of mobile health and relevant apps mean empowerment of doctors as they now have all the valuable information right in their pocket. Through the power of smartphone technology, we’ve reliable accessibility and updated information source right at our fingertips.

Harnessing these applications, for instance a simple find a doctor app, can benefit both patient and physician in managing time, helps in taking clinical decisions and much more. Here’re some of the best medical apps for doctors to make use today!

  1. Induction

We all agree that finding just the right bleep, on-call doctors or an extension to a particular hospital department is quite frustrating, not to mention all the time wasted! This is when Induction App steps in to provide an updated directory of hospital extensions and bleep numbers that are cleverly crowd-sourced by doctors.

All you need is setting the current hospital in the app directory and you can easily dial out directly from the app. Additional information you can use are coffee location within a hospital and so on. Induction can help both doctors and users in saving time!

  1. Figure 1

This particular application is considered as Instagram for doctors! Figure 1 helps in viewing and share valuable medical insight with relevant interactive images and case studies. All this data can be uploaded and shared for the purpose of medical counselling, training or for resolving diagnostic queries, which is approved by the medical community.

  1. The GP Notebook

To gather a detailed synopsis of clinical medicine specific with general practitioner, nothing is better that a GP Notebook.

It uses information using various sources including actual clinical experiences of doctors, literature reviews, original research papers and guides published by known national and international bodies.

The best is the database which keeps on updating by a team of authors. On the contrary, the information can help one look for a physician hence may be considered to find a doctor app!

  1. UpToDate

To help the doctors in taking the right decision when concerning patient’s care, UpToDate provides evidence-based information which is updated to the current healthcare standards. The app is already used by around two million clinicians across 10 countries in the world with above 20,000 topic reviews, hence most comprehensive resource for the doctors.

  1. Mediquation medical calculator

The award-winning Mediquation is able to make around 230 medical calculations and scoring tools right at your fingertips and over multiple platforms including iOS and Android. The application is useful for doctors engaged in risky scoring or acute specialties whereas results can be shared with colleagues so the app also helps in saving valuable time.

  1. Tough Surgery

Yet another innovative and prize-winning medical application that truly holds to its name is Tough Surgery. It allows surgeons of the 21st century to practice operations even before stepping in the operations theatre by using real-time 3D animations. With this app, you can rehearse a complicated surgery anytime, anywhere at a place less overwhelming for instance, a park!

  1. Pocket Anatomy

The app is beautifully designed, allowing both doctors and students to browse thousands of words, structures and relevant medical content and context for learning. User-interface is friendly and more intuitive than comparable apps so that you may conveniently browse and find just the right information.

  1. Health At Hand

To be released in the UAE, Health At Hand is one app to cover all essential healthcare aspects from finding the right doctor to online consultation, perform detailed medical check-ups, gather information on drugs/medicines and much more. It’s also an exclusive find a doctor app to help you locate the desired physicians or any other genre of medical specialists. We’ll soon see the app hitting Android and iOS platforms in 2017.

Listed above are some of the most versatile and innovative medical apps, bound to change the healthcare industry through digital technology. Whether it’s finding a doctor or performing medical treatments, both doctors and general users can make the most of these!