With today’s busy lifestyle and hectic business schedule, people have no time to go to fitness centers or join gyms to maintain their body shape and weight. However, there is some excellent home exercise equipment available in the market to help you exercise and get in shape in the comfort of your home. Without needing to go to any health centers or gyms. There are a few trusted online stores from where you can buy equipment such as a free standing pull up bar that helps you perform various fitness activities and physical exercises at the comfort of your home. Dragon Door is one such online store.

The free standing pull up bar available at Dragon Door is the best home exercise product. The product does not wobble and can be easily assembled and disassembled. With 2 detachable dip bars which can be mounted at different heights, it allows a flexible range of motion. In addition, this free standing pull up bar has a weight capacity of approximately 350lb.

Founded by John Du Cane in 1991, Dragon Door offers you with the widest range of fitness products and resources that provide working out without any hassle. Beside this, they also have fitness guides, nutritional diet tips, and training tips available in their articles and blog.

Dragon Door has developed the modern kettlebell revolution, an effective system for those who seek rapid weight loss. In addition to this, they also offer a trainer or fitness expert to guide you towards achieving the highest standards of physical fitness.

Dragon Door is an official online retailer providing the Bodyweight Master free standing pull up bar at unmatched prices. The store provides a 1 year satisfaction guarantee on all their products. Moreover, you can also purchase several products including digital books, DVD’s, video on-demand along with PCC and RKC accessories.

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