Choosing handmade jewellery may seem like an unnecessary task. After all, jewellery is jewellery. As long as it looks good, then it’s worth buying. Aesthetics are no doubt important when selecting jewellery. Truth is, however, that there is a big difference between Trendy crystal gold jewelry UK and mass produced pieces you can find in any old shop for a good price. If you haven’t thought seriously about this, below are a few reasons why you might want to take the extra trouble to find a handmade piece.

Made by Hand

It may seem simple but buying pieces simply because they are made by hand is a good enough reason in itself! Anyone who takes the trouble to create something from scratch while there are machines that can do the job much faster and cheaper means that they take pride in their work. The thought of wearing a necklace with a pendant that someone else put love, time and effort into makes the piece that much more special. Humans are also imperfect which means that two pieces made from the exact same template and with the same materials can never be identical. A handmade piece is unique to you and you can be sure that no one else has that exact jewellery set you have on, right down to the little details.

Higher Quality

Jewellers are careful to select the best quality materials for their craft. They aren’t just interested in creating a brooch, but something that they can be proud of. Cheap, factory-made jewellery might look good but it often reacts with skin or colours fade in a short time. Jewellery artisans often have years of experience designing and making jewellery and are able to choose the best materials for a piece that lasts a lifetime. One well-made piece is worth more than ten cheap pieces that are uncomfortable and fall apart within a year or two.

Supporting Small Business

If you believe in karma, buying anything from simple tear drop earrings to crystal set Sterling silver jewellery UK that are made by hand is as good a way to give back to society as any, paying it forward quite literally…. Buying such a piece means that the designer gets to keep designing and earn a honest livelihood, feed his family and set a good example to his children both in business and creation. There are many issues surrounding big-name jewellers using child labour or blood diamonds to name but a few. So it is much better to put your money in the pocket of an individual who is happy to make an honest living and relies on the labour of his own hands.

Incomparable Beauty

A machine is perfect at doing exactly what it is asked to do. This is good for the business owner but bad for creativity and the true beauty that jewellery is supposed to represent and evoke. In the course of creating a piece, a hand jeweller may find inspiration at any moment or make small flaws that ultimately make the jewellery more beautiful than anything a machine could ever make.

With these reasons in mind, you don’t have to always think big brands, support your local artisans instead and with the internet they literally are just a few clicks and a Google away….hit the keyboard, type handmade jewellery designers and the Art Deco marcasite jewelry UK from the comfort of your own home and let the artisans workshop come to you and tell you their story of creation!