Synagogue, the prayer house of the Jews, is renowned across the world for their beauty. Most temples and prayer houses around the world were built decades ago which means they often need restoration. Lavi is one such leading company renowned for its quality Synagogue restoration jobs. Lavi, found in the 1960s has since become one of the biggest and most renowned Synagogue restoration companies. The company has made a name for itself by offering all-round Synagogue renovation and restoration services. From envisioning the design to implementing it, Lavi provides all such services for Synagogues around the globe.

The company has helped build, restore and renovate over 5,300 Synagogues in Israel and around the world. The world’s most proficient engineers, architects, artists and artisans work at the company’s behest making the Synagogues a pleasure to be within. They have built a trustworthy relationship with their class-leading services. The company is dedicated to restore Synagogues in the best and the most beautiful manner possible and does so with the help of its experienced and certified project managers. While restoring the Synagogues, they also keep in mind the safety of their personnel and the artifacts while also ensuring environmental protection by deploying only eco-friendly paints and products.

Lavi has earned rave reviews from its clients for its dedication to serve not only the abled personnel but also help the physically challenged explore and enjoy the holy prayer house. For this, they design the Synagogues in such a way that it is accessible by all. Lavi ensures futuristic approach in their restoration projects in order to make the Synagogue future ready. In the 6 decades post the company’s foundation, Lavi has ensured that all Synagogues built and restored by it are unique and offer the highest amount of satisfaction to the community.

The company designs custom Synagogue furniture in its production plant spread over 5,000 square meters. Based in Israel, the company has been an industry leader and a trendsetter of developing the most pleasant and comfortable synagogues in the world. This has made them one of the best in the business on a global scale.

For more information about Lavi, visit:

Kibbutz Lavi,

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