Many office buildings and homes across the country are switching from traditional electricity to solar energy. In addition to its positive environmental impact, this shift is also a sound investment leading to significant and recurring cost savings. If you are researching or planning to implement Idaho solar energy solutions in your home or workplace, Evengreen Technology is a partner you can trust.

Evengreen Technology is a leading retail and wholesale provider of the most advanced renewable energy systems on the market, as well as education and consulting for their diverse clientele. Evengreen follows a holistic approach for providing pure and energy-efficient solutions through advanced engineering and design procedures and cutting-edge technology. They proudly offer premium professional installation of dependable and affordable solar Boise products with distinctive long-term benefits.

Evengreen Technology provides personalized consultations to assist with reducing energy consumption and capitalizing on attractive energy credits. Additional services include:

  • Energy Management Services

Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs for your company or home, Evengreen Technology’s expert team of professionals will quickly and thoroughly identify energy-saving opportunities, as well as cost-effective energy saving measures (CSM) like engineering, procurement, installation and more. Its onsite evaluation and consultation process is second to none.

  • Project Management Services

Evengreen’s team of trained professionals will provide a complete analysis of opportunities and design a targeted plan for achieving energy efficiency in your home or office. After your project’s scope is established, a single project manager is assigned and solely focuses on all aspects of your solar Meridian project.

  • Financing Options

To assist with the initial capital outlay for energy management services and products, Evengreen Technology will design easy financing options specifically tailored for your project and needs. This includes leasing, pre-determined payment schedules, utilization of tax credits and other incentives and general financing options.

Evengreen Technology can be reached at:

Headquarters: 401 North Main Street, Meridian, ID  83642

Phone: 208.795.5170 or 888.200.3177 (Toll Free)