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So you may have seen by some of my other late posts that I’m truly getting into utilizing my Fitbit. Today I need to share tips to make a Fitbit waterproof, so I’m adding it to my Fitbit Hacks Post. Partner joins are incorporated into this post.


As of late we invested some energy at the shoreline here in Chicago and I couldn’t choose whether or not to wear my fitbit. I knew I could track my means with my iPhone as well, yet it’s constantly desirable over wear my tracker.

  • When we returned home I goggled “Is a Fitbit Flex best waterproof fitness tracker?” and found a considerable measure of clashing data.
  • Before we get to the waterproofing thoughts, how about we get something straight. Your Fitbit is NOT waterproof.
  • Before we get to the waterproofing thoughts, how about we get something straight. Your Fitbit is NOT waterproof.
  • Fitbit’s own help page on the theme says the fitbit flex is water safe, which means sprinkle and rain is alright, yet it says you ought not swim or shower wearing it. Indeed, even the marginally more water safe Surge and Charge models are not intended to be submerged.
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  • Great news! Fitbit has discharge th which is named Swimproof!
  • In the google comes about there were a considerable measure of obsolete gathering dialogs where individuals guaranteed that Fitbit disclosed to them the Flex was waterproof and fine to shower and swimming. My figure is that it was initially planned to be waterproof however that, for best item solidness and perseverance, it’s best not to routinely submerge it without some extra measures. So that is the way I treat it!
  • On the off chance that you haven’t purchased a best waterproof tracker yet and you are searching for something waterproof there are some cool choices. Look at these 19 Waterproof Fitness Trackers. Make certain to peruse specs and surveys to ensure it does what you are searching for however.
  • Approve so perhaps you think the looks great sauce however you as of now have a super cool wellness tracker. Like me. Furthermore, you need to get it wet. What would you be able to do?

DISCLAIMER. I’m not in charge of your lost or harmed things. Make sure while attempting these thoughts that you safely affix everything, or in the event that you tuck it into your bathing suit, verify whether water and movement will enable it to move around. Bathing suits that are tight when dry can move and extend in the water.


Gracious and this is what I’m NOT going to recommend. Elastic concrete or some other waterproofing material covering your tracker. Not a chance. It won’t be something to simply slap onto your tracker and after that you would cannonball be able to your approach to step objective paradise. Too bad. Almost certain that would void a few guarantees and square the charger port.

However, we CAN put our trackers INTO some waterproof items to keep them convenient yet dry. You COULD simply pop it into a ziploc sack however there is no real way to connect it to you, so you truly need to put it some place safe. Something else, attempt these:

Waterproof Match Case – There is a client picture on Amazon demonstrating that another person has utilized it for this reason. There is no genuine approach to join this to anything, so you’d need it in a pocket.

Waterproof Cell Phone Arm Band – I think this would be useful for swimming or water high impact exercise since it would enable the tracker to in any case be on your arm. I’d quite recently pop my entire band in there so the tracker isn’t free and wiggling around.

Waterproof Pill Container – You could connect this to a key circle inside swimsuit or to a bathing suit strap. Witz Keep it Safe Case – Get one with the carabiner and you could snare it inside your trunks or a strap on your bathing suit. Amazingly blended audits, so it’s difficult to state to what extent it would last.

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