There is always a need of regulation made by a government in order to establish the fair practice by buyer and seller in the process of buying and selling.  The industry of real estate in India is very big and effects Indian economy in very large amount.  A lot of individuals are connected with the real estate industry.  Their connection with real estate industry of India may be direct or may be indirect, but whatever is the situation it is the duty of the Indian government to keep an eye on the transaction in real estate industry.

The Indian government is responsible in order to implant fair practices of buying and selling a real estate property.  Due to of the need of regulations in real estate industry, there is  Act (RERA )The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 was passed by the Rajya Sabha and then by the Lok Sabha.

RERA is there in order to safeguard the interest of real estate buyer and to execute fair practices in real estate.  As a result of harassment of buyer in real estate industry; RERA is here to guide the buyer and make them aware of their rights.  Awareness among the real estate buyer is very necessary to boost the real estate market and to increase the Indian economy.  With the help of RERA, there is a sense of protection of real estate buyer right and this sense of protection and authenticity able to influence the new buyer to invest in the real estate industry.  Now the buyer is satisfied that there is some kind of guidelines to follow in the business of real estate industry and this kind of satisfaction comes only due to of the real estate regulation act RERA.

There are a number of guidelines, obligations and duties are specified in the RERA act of real estate industry and to understand all the terms and conditions of this act requires special kind of knowledge and guidance of some professionals.  Without the guidance of a professional, it is very difficult to fulfill all the obligation of RERA while an individual is an operation in real estate industry.

In order to remove this difficulty and to make a bridge between the buyer and RERA act; there are number of RERA consulting firms are there to help the individual. These Rera Consulting Firm provides various kind of services such as; project registration, real estate agent registration, first time and quarterly updates, insurance of project, interest of consumer and a lot more services are there to help the buyer in order to understand his or right.

Rera Consultancy Services in India is just like an advisory body, whose function is to guide the people regarding real estate in India.  One of such consultancy is RERA CONSULTANTS.

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