Family life has many joyful moments. But at the same time, it requires the whole lifestyle to be adapted to it. Having a comfortable family car is one of the essential things to make the life of your dear ones easier, no matter how many of them live with you. Here are the main steps you need to consider when buying a family car.

First of all, think about how much a car you can really afford. Calculate not only the price itself but all the additional expenses such as insurance, fuel costs and interest rates if you are going to loan a car. Depending on your budget, there are three ways: buying a new auto, leasing or buying a used one. Each of them has its pros and cons. Purchasing new sounds great, however with certain caution you can find a used car in perfect condition and save actually thousands of dollars. Anyway, be sure to test-drive the car before purchasing and pay attention to all details if you don’t want to do unexpected repairing later.

Fuel prices are a constant driver’s pain. And even with one child, let alone two or more children, you always have what to spend money on. That’s why new fuel-economy regulation is a vital feature of your family car. Nowadays manufacturers tend to focus on creating more and more efficient cars. Ford Fiesta, Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Volt are considered to be the most fuel-efficient vehicles with high passenger capacity.

Of course, you want to protect your family from any danger. That’s why your car should have as high safety level as possible. According to modern safety regulations, it’s obligatory that all new cars were equipped with standard safety outfit. Still, you can find a car with additional features such as blind-spot control and antilock brakes. Check the crash-test ratings of the car you are going to buy as well as the availability of side-curtain airbags. The safety of your family goes above all.

The worst thing to buy for a family with little children is a two-door car. Just imagine constant squeezing a child seat to such a car. If your family is quite big, consider buying a huge crossover like Ford Explorer or Honda Pilot. Enough passenger and cargo volume is important for the comfort of your family. Four doors, ample rear seat and big trunk are the essentials of a family car.

Though comfort and safety are very important, performance rates shouldn’t be neglected. Every driver wants to be proud of his car’s power and quality, so give yourself a treat and buy the car that will serve you for many years.

Never think that a family car mustn’t look nice. Practical doesn’t mean ugly. You should like both the exterior and the interior of your car and not be ashamed to pick up a friend or drive a whole company to a picnic. Such models as Ford Focus, Nissan Juke or, if you are ambitious enough, even BMW 5 will combine both comfort and style.