Many individuals are becoming more conscious about their health, fitness and lifestyle. If you are one of the thousands of individuals who have the desire to make fitness a lifestyle, then the Fitbit Alta best fitness tracker is just right for you. The Flex wireless sleep and activity wristband can be your perfect fitness companion and can help you take the right path towards ideal fitness. The Fitbit Alta Tracker is a stylish and slim device that can be with you all the time as far as fitness is concerned.

During daytime, this tracks distance, calories burned and steps. At nighttime, it tracks the quality of your sleep and wakes you in the morning silently. Flex comes with silent wake alarm that vibrates gently to wake you up on a desired time without disturbing others. You just have to check on lights to determine how you stack up from your personal fitness goals. This wireless sleep and activity wristband is definitely the motivation you need in order to become more fit and active.

How does Fitbit Alta Tracker Works

Tracks your Sleep and Activity

Fitbit Alta Tracker is an amazing fitness device that tracks sleep, distance, steps and calories burned.

Syncs stats automatically and wirelessly

Flex syncs your stats automatically right to your Android phones, personal computer and other iOs devices to see your progress. You can do this without the need to plug or push buttons. The Fitbit Alta Tracker works in giving you reliable and real-time access to your stats exclusively on Fitbit dashboard all through the day.

See real-time fitness progress

With Fitbit Alta Tracker, you can get the full and comprehensive picture with free tools, graphs and charts.

Make Fitness More Engaging and Fun

You can use this tracker in setting daily goals, challenging friends to become fit and earning badges.

Other Features that Make Fitbit Alta Tracker Unique

Fitbit Alta Tracker wristband is lightweight and can be worn comfortably on your wrist. Users who are concerned about their fitness can wear this proudly night and day. This is water resistant and a functional and useful tool that reminds you to keep you moving. Fitbit Alta best fitness tracker also enables you to discover your own trend. This comes with mobile app and free online tools allowing you to set specific goals and follow progress through charts and graphs.

With Fitbit Alta Tracker you can also log workouts and foods. One of the great features of this fitness tracker is that you can get an inside scoop of your health. Discovering how close you are in achieving your goals motivates you to go further and aim higher. This is probably one of the reasons why fitness lovers and enthusiasts are now getting hooked with this fitness wristband. The Fitbit Alta Tracker is capable of capturing huge amount of data and can reveal stats with no hassle.

This also guarantees flexibility that matches your style. This tracker is very flexible and you can wear this lightweight and tiny tracker anytime. Aside from fitness benefits, you will also look good no matter what you are wearing.

Technical information

  • Brand: Fitbit
  • Size: S/L
  • Band colours: Black, Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Pink…
  •  Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Other features: Led indicators, Water resistant, acelerometer…
  • Battery: Included
  • Bluetooth technology: yes
  • USB Tecnology: yes
  • Battery life: 5 days