Botox For Excessive Sweating

Some people suffer from excessive sweating. A botox treatment for anti-perspiration can provide a solution. It works well against excessive sweating under the armpits or hands. This injectable treatment with Botuline Toxin blocks the action of nerves that stimulate sweat glands, preventing the glands from producing sweat. The treatment most performed by our doctors is the anti-perspiration treatment of both armpits. Handles may also be handled. After the doctor has scored the punctures, you will receive a number of pricks per armpit. You have 4-6 months of enjoyment of a botulinum toxin anti-perspiration treatment. The effect of follow-up treatment lasts 6-12 months.

Risks and side effects treatment

Botuline toxin is safe. It is a registered drug; That is, research has been done for years before it could be used. Botuline toxin is used in higher concentrations by neurologists in children and adults suffering from muscle spasms. This injectable treatment has been used for thirty years and may therefore be considered safe in the long term. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and people with certain muscle or nerve disorders should not be treated. There are no side effects known from the use of Botuline Toxin in anti-perspiration treatments. Prior to treatment, you should shave your armpits 1 week before treatment or tune to the shortest position just prior to treatment.

Botox Consultation

During a free-of-charge and free intake interview, you will check if you are suitable for this anti-perspiration treatment. An intake interview is intended to inform you to the attending physician and discuss certain aspects of the treatment, such as recovery time, side effects, aftercare and results. It also looks at your expectations and wishes about the treatment. Alternatively, alternative treatments can be spoken to you. After this evaluation phase, you will receive a fair advice from our doctors which treatment is best for you. Finally, you will complete the health statement and treatment agreement with the Call Lane Aesthetic expert doctors.

So welcome all seeking for Botox in Leeds treatment.