Caster wheel is the small wheel attached under trolleys and furniture. They have made a position in almost all the nooks and crannies of the world. Once you start noticing then, it is quite possible that you will notice them everywhere.

These are the things that we generally take for granted but we never consider what will happen if they become extinct. These can be differentiated on different criteria. First of all, let us see about the various types of castors based on the wheels. These are mainly of 3 types namely, single, dual and ball castors.

Selecting the ideal Pu caster wheel is an intriguing chore, specifically if you don’t know anything about them. But if you select the ideal one, you can stay assured that it will save you a considerable amount of time and money. To do that, you should have a clear view about the type of material you have, which will be mounted on the castor.

First of all, you should know that there is nothing like a perfect caster wheel for trolley. The ideal caster differs from material to material and from surface to surface. The main thing to consider while purchasing the castor is the weight of the material to which the castor is going to be mounted on. If you are going to use heavy duty industrial material, you should rather purchase a big castor, which is available at a 100 mm diameter size. If you are purchasing it for personal use, lightweight castors should get the job done.

Then the surface of the floor should be considered. If you select the wrong caster wheel for the wrong surface, it might end up spoiling both the castor and the surface. Hence, you should be well versed about the various types of materials and their effects on various types of surfaces to avoid those types of problems. Generally, purchase a plastic castor on if you are going to use it against carpet floors. Or else, it will simply not move and you will face a big issue.

If you are purchasing Pu caster wheel for industrial use, you should go for steel castors that may carry heavy weight and still withstand against them. Getting the ideal castor is a difficult task as most people don’t have the knowledge about them. So be sure that you do the required research before you make a decision.

Casters can be attached to any type of chair regardless of the type, material or size. For instance, kitchen chairs with casters can be made of wood, metal or even vinyl. Likewise, it is possible to get casters attached to your kitchen chair that is modern or antique. Those who are physically disabled, find these chairs very functional and comfortable.

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