“Shree Jivdaya Mahamandal, Pune (Regd.)” is India based nonprofit making, non-government organization recognized by Animal Welfare, Govt. Board of India – AWBI that works to improve the ways of life style of Animals in general and strays in particular, are treated, accepted rehabilitated and sheltered for life time until natural death and manage and maintained by society. “Shree Jivdaya Mahamandal, Pune (Regd.)” is dedicating serving tender services by the society since last 36 Years. “Shree Jivdaya Mahamandal, Pune (Regd.)” is recognized by The Animal Welfare Board, Govt. of India. The trust has been registered with The Office of the Charity Commissioner, Pune by Regn. No E 1224.A caring attitude is hidden deep inside each one of us and if we allow this attitude to be brought forward, even in small little ways, there would be no creature – big or small – on this earth ever in discomfort and pain. “Shree Jivdaya Mahamandal, Pune (Regd.)” believes in this philosophy. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”The Objective of “Shree Jivdaya Mahamandal, Pune (Regd.)” is to promote and develop a positive, respectful, and caring bond between people and animals everywhere in every way. We support activities that bring people and their pets together in a harmonious and safe relationship. Our efforts to educate people, the little children in particular, on the care of animals, to provide adoptions when needed and the development of a strong program of spaying and neutering will save the lives and suffering of countless animals and reduce the tax burden for our communities.

“Shree Jivdaya Mahamandal, Pune(Regd.)” run a whole host of fundraising events aimed at giving people the chance to do something amazing while raising funds for animals in need. This allows hundreds of middle-income Indians from every walk of life to become part of our movement for animals and builds in them an element of compassion towards animals and consciousness towards their environment.

“Shree Jivdaya Mahamandal, Pune (Regd.)” is in the following areas:

  • SHWET KRANTI White (Milk) Revolution
  • PANJARPOL NIRMAN (Animals Shelter).

“Shree Jivdaya Mahamandal, Pune (Regd.)”aims and objects to propagate to covers all the entire Panjarpol (animal’s shelter, rescue home) starting from remote areas to villages to town to cover cities, metro cities, states, Nations and International Societies.


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Shree Jivdaya Mahamandal Pune (Regd.)

Deepak bhai P Shah (Director)

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Email ID: shreejivdayamahamandalpune@yahoo.com

Web Address: shreejivdayamahamandalpune.org

Address: H.O. C/O 1549, Shukrawar Peth, “Jai Giriraj”,

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