1) Explain the applications of current sources

These are the following applications of current sources:

1) For regulating current related power supplies current sources can be used

2) Definite network study procedures can be used

3) Transistors that shows a stable current behavior uses current sources.

2) Explain the ideal voltage source and the ideal current source

Irrespective of the amount of current drawn one that maintains a steady voltage source is called the ideal voltage source. Some terminals with resistance will be provided with a similar current without any change and this is called as ideal current source.

3) Reason for network theorems and methods to solve electrical circuits.

The reason is:

1) The logical solution becomes very easy during their use

2) A difficult circuit can be reduced to an easy circuit during their use.

4) Explain the correct use of the term circuit and network

An arbitrary arrangement of passive works is called the term team network and the presence of active sources and current flow implies the circuit.

5) Explain the behavior of circuit under highest power transfer conditions

At the load terminals, the load voltage is one-half of the open circuited voltage

One of the total power leaks in the internal resistance of the source and therefore the effectiveness is only 50%.


6) Explain bilateral circuit element

Current passing through the bilateral circuit element will pass through both the ends of the circuit.

7) Difference between a mesh and a loop

A closed path of a network is called a loop. A majority elementary outline of a loop that cannot be divided into other loops is called a mesh.

8) On what basis reference node is chosen in nodal analysis

It is a random choice to make the reference node in nodal analysis, but the frequent choice of reference node is easier as majority of components are linked to it.

9) Define linear circuit elementary

When the circuit follows ohm’s law, the circuit elements are linear, so the repetition of voltage doubles the current flowing through them.

10) Calculate mesh currents

Branch currents are easy for calculation as they flow in branches. Mesh currents are very imaginary and cannot be calculated.

11) Where do we use star/delta and delta/star transformation

A neither series nor parallel kind of resistances are found in some networks for instance a three terminal network, delta network/ star network. Through there are series and parallel circuit, it is not easy to make simpler network series.

12) Basis of nodal analysis

Nodal analysis is based on Kirchoff’s current law but mesh analysis is based on Kirchoff’s voltage law.

13) Why not to operate power system under maximum power conditions

There is a great voltage fall in lines because the effectiveness is low(50%) under the conditions of maximum power transfer. Because of maximum power the goal has elevated efficiency. Therefore extreme power conditions are not suitable.

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