Corporate Christmas parties can either be a terribly boring affair or something to remember for a long time. Well, in my case, it was the latter as one office Christmas party changed my name forever – literally! It doesn’t take much at my workplace to evoke memories of that office Christmas party cruise we all had on Sydney Harbour two years ago.

Our company had a good year with great sales numbers and profits. Our boss decided to celebrate the occasion with a grand Christmas party cruise on Sydney Harbour – an idea well-received by everyone! Usual corporate Christmas parties at work involve everyone meeting up in the afternoon with cheap wine going around and everyone catching up with gossip in their own private circle. There would be some speeches followed by a sham of a gift exchange where people gift wrap the most useless things lying about in the attic and pass them on. The office Christmas party was a more obligatory function than a must-attend fun one!

Well, can’t blame the management, as our company was still finding its way and couldn’t yet spend the big bucks on parties and celebrations. But things started to change as our company found success and started growing. A new HR department was also setup and they were really enthusiastic about improving the work environment. Changing the Christmas party venue from the office to a cruise vessel on Sydney Harbour was one of the many ideas that were introduced.

You’re probably wondering how this affected me and my name… I’m getting it to it! Well, there was the option of bringing family to the office Christmas party and many of my co-workers had brought their husbands/wives and children. Christmas is meant to be spent in the midst of family and with the loved ones present, the office party turned out to be quite fun. Everyone loosened up and had a nice time and I managed to meet quite a few people,despite my entry as a stag. There were also many quirky games that started after everyone had downed a round or two of liquid courage.

Needless to say, I was talking without any inhibitions at all. Our boss was walking about with his young kid in tow,checking to see if everyone was having a good time. When he came to our side, my co-worker remarked that choosing to host the Christmas party on a cruise boat on Sydney Harbour was a fantastic idea, not to mention the exceptional food and ambience. I was at a loss of words when he turned to me and in my alcoholic exuberance started to say ‘fu*k yeah’! But,seeing the kids around me, I caught myself just in time and came up with ‘funk yeah’!

I gulped, looking around, hoping that my oh-so-loud exclamation would have gone unnoticed… but luck was not on my side! Word travelled fast and soon ‘funk’ stuck on as my nickname. It was there on the birthday cakes that I cut at the office. I even got a mug and a t-shirt with ‘what the funk’ printed as well.

Well, I have heard worse nicknames for my friends, and ‘funk’ isn’t that bad in the list. Besides now I can legitimately swear in the office without breaking any rules. So funk yeah!