Over the past few years, the advent of technology had a greater impact upon the e-commerce sector which ultimately moved India forward in E-payments and organized deliveries and retailing. Thus, this offered a very high potential for re-organization of the industrial supplies and thereby making the process of purchase transparent and trouble-free. Thus, Auzaro was conceptualized with an aim to assist SME Companies in their ongoing quest to source superior quality products at reasonable rates. It is an online shopping store for industrial supplies such as Abrasives, Bearings, Electricals, Lubricants, and Light Machinery etc. Apart from this products Auzaro also specializes in providing testing and measuring instruments online.

The testing and measuring instruments are beneficial to simulate the necessary inputs to a system or device which are under test. This instruments will enable the simulated real life condition. Some of the Testing and Measuring instruments that are available are listed below.

Measuring Instruments includes the following:

Dial Gauge: Dial gauge is utilised to measure small distance and angles and can be separately used to measure the trueness of the circular object, jumping of an object etc.

Vernier Caliper: Vernier Caliper is a precision tool used to measure a small distance with high accuracy. It contains two different jaws that helps to measure the external and internal dimension of an object. There are various types of Vernier Caliper available like scale, dial or digital.

Micrometer: Micrometer is a fine precision tool that is also used to measure small distances and is considered more accurate than the Vernier Caliper. The different points of micrometers available are Point Micrometer, Depth Micrometer, and Spline Micrometer etc.

Height Gauge: A height gauge is a device to measure the height of objects or making of items to be worked on. The Digimatic height gauge and Vernier height gauge has fine adjustment carriage for smooth movements.

Above mentioned are few of the instruments that are listed under the testing and measuring equipments section.In India, Auzaro is one of leading online tools store that provides the best in class equipment’s.

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