The Department of MCA was established to develop quality computer professionals to meet the current trends in the emerging world of IT. The department wants to develop  one of the best computing infrastructure including domain-specific labs such as Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Database, Networking, Software Engineering, Open Source Software, Internet and Multimedia Technologies. Well experienced faculty members impart knowledge to the students about the latest technologies in IT field. The MCA lab is well equipped with Windows 2003 Professional & Advanced server and other necessary software.
The laboratory facilities and experiments are designed to achieve parallel growth in theoretical and practical skills, keeping in mind the current developments.

MCA Laboratories :
  1. Computer Programming Lab
  2. Data Structure Lab
  3. Computer Numerical Technique Lab
  4. Computer Organization Lab
  5. Unix and Shell Programming Lab
  6. Database Management System Lab
  7. Object Oriented System Lab
  8. Computer Graphics Lab
  9. Computer Network Lab
  10.  Adv. Java Lab
  11.  Visual Programming Lab
  12.  Project Lab