Make no mistake about it, the most important thing to keep an RV rolling down the road are the tires, and when anyone is on vacation the last thing they want to be dealing with is a hard to reach valve stem. Near the top of every checklist for RVs includes checking tire pressure, and checking it often.

Why Do You Need To Use Valve Stem Extenders
RV tire pressure should be checked on a regular schedule, including on a monthly basis, before any road trip, every morning on a long road trip, and anytime someone stores their Motorhome even if only for a short period of less than a month. For shorter trips like trips to a destination and then back, in the same day, a person should check the tire pressure both before departing for their destination and before returning home.

The best time to check tire pressure is when the tires are “cold,” meaning they have been driven on less than a mile. The ambient outside temperature can have an effect on the tire pressure, and in a “hot” state they can range anywhere from 10 to 15 psi higher than during a “cold” tire state. Since load capacity is also based on the “cold” tire pressure, why not just stick to the standard. If the only option available to check the tire pressure is during a “hot” state, then calculations and adjustments should be made to allow for the increase in pressure while keeping both sides of the axle within a couple of pounds of each other.

So What is the Value Added by Using Extenders?
To achieve adequate air pressure for the vehicle’s needs, one may find themselves at a truck stop to inflate their tires. The equipment found at these truck service stations will not always accommodate the small access areas to the inside tires. The extenders will bring the value out making them easy to reach. It will be easier to grip the extended valves, making good contact with the air nozzle natural. It will also decrease a person’s stress by allowing an efficient, accurate, tire pressure check.

How Do Valve Stem Extenders Work
You’re probably wondering, how do they work? This question is not as straightforward as a person might think. With different styles and materials to choose from for both inner and outer tires allow for customization to a higher level. Inner tires need to be routed for easy access, and you can find molded and flexible styles to suit anyone’s liking. Outside tires can be equipped with inward pointing stems, making them hard to access with air gauges, air chucks, and other accessories and need short specialized stems compared to the inner tires. Again, you can find molded angled as well as flex fit tubing style extenders for the outside tires. Among the options for extenders are stainless steel, braided, molded, rubber, and plastic. In the end, the goal of Valve Stem Extenders is to make it easier and more efficient for anyone to accurately maintain their tires, keeping their trip moving down the road! To find the best valve stem extenders, contact us today.

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