Online collaboration tools

Facing difficulty while exchanging emails with your colleagues or briefing them about the objectives and progress of a particular project? Well, if that’s the case, team collaboration tools are all that you need to reduce all your stress. There are a number of team collaboration tools that help you with everything from meaningful discussions to exchanging important documents, project management and more. Here’s a list of the best ones:


InVision is an effective online collaboration tool that is designed to increase the productivity and eliminate the need of numerous applications for team collaborations. It can be used for the purpose of managing projects, editing prototypes and collaborating online so as to achieve the intended goals.


Yammer is more than an online collaboration tool. It’s a social network for a business that provides a platform for communicating and collaborating privately with your colleagues. Users need to sign in using company email. Thereafter, they can use Yammer just like any other social platform. They can chat, like statuses, share documents and more.


Asana is yet another online collaboration tool that allows its users to manage projects and tasks online without the use of email. It further enables them to track their work. Asana enables the collaborated teams to create workspaces that contain projects that further contain tasks. Thereafter all the users can follow these tasks, add changes and comments whenever required. Asana notifies the followers about the changes through messages.


RedPen is an amazing collaboration tool that provides a platform for the designers to showcase their latest designs.  Using RedPen, designers can just drag and drop their designs into a dashboard so as to get honest feedbacks from colleagues or clients.


Wimi enables the users to collaborate and manage projects online. All the users are provided workspaces where they can share files and calendars as well. Wimi supports cloud technology and offers file syncing features so as to make the collaborations more interesting.

Team collaboration tools provide a way of improving productivity for the businesses. Employing one of these today is the best thing you can do for your business.

Source: Live Chat Agent