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Fashion is the language of people round the world. Whether its men’s clothing or women’s, fashion speaks for all. In India, apart from women’s clothing, men’s wear has rapidly spread its captivating spirit amongst men and designers. Traditional clothing still continues to hold their market while new designs are thriving to capture their deserved place. Moreover, a new style of fusion wear has emerged that combines the traditional and modern styles together. This blended fashion trend is all set to make its mark in the world of fashion in India. Every fashion house has its own label of design and style of work. They tend to cultivate into the traditional work that has evolved since generations through the hands of our mothers and grandmothers. Clothing brands in Zirakpur presents every single traditional style without changing it in any form. With tradition retaining value and latest trends entering into the market, India is a perfect place for every fashion house dealing in men’s and women’s clothing.

India is a country of festivals and occasions. This has initiated fashion to reach its peak. Every Indian occasion has a significance of its own and as such there is certain traditional clothing also that go with such occasions. For example, no Indian wedding is possible without traditional sherwani or dhoti or other typical wear. From generations, these outfits continue to hold its place and no one has even thought about of changing this tradition. Fashion houses have formed this as the base of their design work by creating designs and presenting these traditional wears in a new format. Men’s clothing stores in Zirakpur showcased these latest trends of traditional wear in their new collection this season. This traditional men’s wear in India has evolved from the times of kings and emperors which can be witnesses if we go through the pictures and brief history. The Mughals, the Peshwas etc. all of them had huge fascination towards ornamented and heavily decorated costumes. Indian history speaks about them and their massive appeal towards traditional designs.

In the present scenario also, latest trends have drawn their knack from these traditional dresses only. Most of them are even modernized versions of these traditional designs. Both these traditional and latest fashion genres continue to hold their place with much popularity. The fashions houses find it amply profitable to deal in both traditional and latest styles that serve all kinds of customers. Branded clothing in Mohali is readily available in all these forms to serve the fashionable people. One can even tailor made such traditional wear according to their fittings, choice of colors and designs. Till today also, bureaucrats and officials prefer to wear traditional Indian outfit in every ceremony whether official or personal. The traditional Indian wear represents the fashion sense of our country and acts as a representative of culture of the nation. The journey from traditional to modern outfits has seen several modifications and changes while both remain to hold their position successfully and gracefully till date.