There are always some random and interesting videos that come up on the internet and get loved by millions of people in the world. The videos over the web are not only entertaining but also offer beneficial information to the viewers. The online portals that bring to you these latest videos do a lot of ranking and research work and then upload them as trending videos. When you need a little break from your work then browsing through the latest trending videos online can be really refreshing and you also get to see something new happening in your town or outside. Some of the viral videos have been listed below for you which are buzzing the world of web off late.


  • The 12-Year-Old Just Kills The Floors Of America’s Got Talent: This super talented and crazy kid lightened up the stage of the reality show in America. She along with Petunia, her puppet left the judges awestruck with their extraordinary performance. You just cannot afford to watch the video just for once. The show has another contestant who is also 12-year-old whose magical performance of robotic dance is bliss for you to watch.
  • Instagram Is Worst For Mental Health! This video is a must watch for every youngster who have got so much addicted to the social media these days. The professionals dealing with mental health have found out that one of the most damaging social networks today is Instagram. In a survey done by the Royal Society for Public Health, the social media activities and habits of young people between the age group of 14-24 years have been studied minutely. The results show that the young people are building up unrealistic expectations from the professionally made photos and manipulated images on the network. This is quite harmful for their everyday and regular lives and is affecting their mental health in an inverse manner.
  • Why Bahubali Got Killed By Kattappa? Now, here comes a Bollywood masala and trending video which has compelled so many audiences out there to watch the movie. It is no doubt an excellent movie with amazing stars portraying their characters in an outstanding manner. No film in the box office till date has created such a buzz as Bahubali has done over the past few months. This video offers you a short trailer of the movie and you cannot just resist playing it again and again. So, if you haven’t watched the movie yet, give it a shot and you are sure to enjoy every bit of it.
  • The Official Trailer Of Tubelight: The film starring Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Zhu Zhu is an upcoming new release for this year on Eid. The official trailers of the movie have been launched and are available on YouTube for the viewers. It is a film produced by the Salman Khan Films and is ready to burn the box office soon. The film revolves around a man’s unturned faith in himself and endless love towards his family.
  • Latest Funny Videos: The online media is flooded with many latest fun videos which make you grin and laugh like hell. You can watch funny cute babies, fun compilation with animals and much more at the portals.


There are so much more entertainment for you with videos on spanking strangers, latest Bollywood gossip videos and the list continues.