The pros to owning a swimming pool is that it keeps you nice and cool on hot summer days. A swimming pool can also make you the talk of the neighborhood as many people suddenly want to befriend you for the privilege of cooling off in your swimming pool. Having a swimming pool is not all fun and games when you have to take care of it yourself and do not have the money to pay someone to look after it.

To not have a swimming pool means that you would have to use the swimming pool of a friend or even worse a public swimming pool. While chlorine helps to kill bacteria and germs it still is a bit of a gamble when you use a public swimming pool. Even if a potential swimmer is not around to see it, people vomit in swimming pools when they swallow too much of the chlorine water and where there are children it is a safe bet that there is a lot of urine swimming in that swimming pool surrounding you.

Owning a swimming pool, while it can be fun and safer than a public swimming pool when it comes to knowing what goes on in that pool, it still means that you have to take care of it. If you keep up with the cleaning, and removing of anything that falls into the pool, then owning a swimming pool should not be a problem.

However, you should be realistic before going out and buying a swimming pool. A lot of families get pools and in a few months it’s a green mess that is no longer being used by humans. The animals do tend to enjoy it and it is a great way to watch the flies, mosquito and other bug population grow.

After a year or two if it is drained it usually stays that way and becomes nothing but an eye sore. It seems that unless most people are paying a pool cleaning service to do the job, they do not feel like taking the time to clean it themselves.

The problem with not cleaning a swimming pool and leaving it to grow moss and become a disgusting site is that it not only makes your property look bad but it also will disturb your neighbors as it begins to smell. A swimming pool will smell when the filtration is shut off and the pool becomes a large pond of stagnant water.

When people think about a swimming pool they only think about how great it will be to jump into fresh clean water on their own property whenever they want to but the cleaning and maintenance is never on the top of their list, if its on their list at all. Take a good long time to think about and research owning a pool. Above or below ground, they are a tremendous amount of money to throw away on a whim if the household will not pitch in to take care of it.