A multi-currency payment gateway allows your customers to buy from you worldwide. Provide a convenient way to pay you. Result in sales and profits increment.

Multi-Currency Payment Processing

Multi-currency payment processing is the easiest way to increase sales from international buyers.  With a multi-currency merchant account, you display prices in the same currency as where the buyer is located.  And receive your processing settlements in any major world currency.

Multi-currency payments

  • Builds buyers’ trust. Shoppers are more comfortable paying in local currency.
  • Keeps shoppers focused. On making a purchase rather than figuring out what an item costs.
  • Competitive edge. Accepting payments in local currency gives you a strategic advantage over your competitors that do not. And keeps you competitive with those that do.
  • More sales. It’s simple. Customers buy more when they know exactly what an item costs in their own currency.

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