Google has been launching new updates to their products each day and with so many evolutions, we often see some of these alterations covered up among the mass while others remain unnoticed. From the past few months, Google has been incorporating new features and updates to Google My Business. All these underreported changes have been compiled together in this article by the recognised columnist, Joy Hawkins. This compilation is particularly made in order to bring success for people who have been working in the SEO stream.

  • Rolling out the Snack Pack

Often the links to the business website are found to be missed out and thus, Snack Pack depicts the references to the local layouts, wherein the driving directions are often missed out. It is essential to showcase pictures about the company’s services in order to make the users know about the deals that company is known for offering.

  • 18 months of data could be accessed by the business

Google made it quite unimpressive as bulk insights were added to the dashboard. However a custom date range for data could be selected, wherein the dates would be stuck at regular intervals. It works amazingly well for a firm who are more dedicated to onboard new and fresh clients.

  • Reviewing the edits

A platform is launched by Google that is meant for reviewing the edits. Google presents a simplified version of editing that makes it compatible for people in the SEO industry.

  • Removal of the pending edits

Pending edits for a listing’s status is removed by Google and this makes it useful for people, wherein the users do not need to worry even if anyone has called you out as a spam. This is because you should remain stress-free as long as the edit is not published.

  • Active representation of local pack ads through mobile computing

At first, it was known that the Ad words feature was coming last year but after a blurry picture was tweeted, very little was presented by Google.

  • Permanently closed listing is removed

Permanently closed listing has been removed from the Local Finder since it creates a lot of trouble for almost all of the SEO practitioners. You can use a ranking tracker that will notify you with alerts and help you note the changes in your listings.

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