I first tried the Ear Plugs for Sleeping from Earmold Sydney  when an electrician friend of mine threw me a pack, saying ‘here, give these bad boys a go!’

They’re industry standard and used on building sites because they were designed to combat extreme noise levels. And I’ve now used Ear Plugs for Sleeping  ver since as they’re quite simply the best earplugs I’ve found for blocking out loud noise.

They have an excellent sound-blocking capability, with a noise reduction rating of 33 decibels – the highest rating earplugs can receive.

Even though there are others which technically have the same rating, I find that these somehow have an edge when it comes to dealing with the loudest of sounds. Ear Plugs for Sleeping from Earmold Sydney successfully block out every sound I might otherwise hear, such as music, television, rain, distant traffic and mid-volume snoring.

I find Ear Plugs for Sleeping comfortable to sleep in all night long, even on my side. And they’re easy to put in and take out due to the tapered cone shape.

They come in a box of 20, which might seem hygienical & you should change them every few days so you’ll have enough to last you a very long time