The ultra –low latency Ethernet MAC/PMA/PCS and Low latency TCP offload in FPGA is considered to be the industry leading solution for the latency critical Ethernet applications like high-frequency trading as well as data center Ethernet switches. In fact, the core system is designed by making use of advanced techniques that leads to amazing latency performances. The IP core of the system supports for full wire line speed along with 64 byte packet length. Indeed, it also supports mixed length traffic or back-to-back traffic without no dropped packets.

  • This device is compliant with IEEE 802.3-2012 along with high speed Ethernet Standard.
  • It is completely programmable Rx and Tx path, along with VLAN detection.
  • The highly optimized implementation results in Ultra low latency and also low gate count.
  • The configurable vector and collector present on the device allows for transmission and receive of data.

At times, even data centers need a number of low level network services in order to come up with high end applications. The Key value Store is often called as critical service which is associated with the value keys and also allow the machines in order to share the associations over the given network. Most of the existing KVS systems usually run in the software and it is scaled out using parallel processes on multiple microprocessor cores.

A software based key value store usually look up for the transactions that are sent over Ethernet to the machine which stores the value that is usually associated with the Low latency TOE