There are really two main reasons why swimmers  choose to wear ear plugs for swimming. The first is those swimmers that have a  perforated eardrum and it is therefore necessary to wear ear plugs for swimming to  prevent water entering the ear canal as it can cause extreme discomfort.  The second reason is that the use of ear plugs whilst swimming can  prevent infection of the external ear canal.

This condition is known as  “SWIMMER’S EAR” or in medical terms “OTITIS EXTERNA”. This is not  necessarily related to swimming in polluted water as it is just as  likely to be contracted from swimming in a public chlorinated swimming  pool.We recommend to use ear plugs for swimming Swimming for long periods of time or regular swimming can make  people more susceptible to “swimmer’s ear”, as chlorine can dry out the  skin in the ear canal, enabling bacteria to get to work. Fungal  conditions can also take hold in the ear canal in this way

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