Dry fruit trays designed for the purpose of carrying fruits, Chocolate and sweets. Trays are used for mainly special occasion like party, wedding and other ceremony. These are designed in different shapes like square, circular and made up of other materials like as plastic, steel wood or glass. We manufacture unique decorative design at genius quality with small prices. Our products are available Dry Fruit Tray Manufacturer in India, Dry Fruit Tray Manufacturer in Pinjore, Dry Fruit Tray Manufacturer in Punjab, and Dry Fruit Tray Manufacturer in Chandigarh and different location.

Dry fruits trays manufacture different types

  • Indian Border Tray
  • Square Border Tray
  • Square Chinese half Lace Tray
  • Round Chinese Lace Tray
  • Mahal Tray
  • Round Designer Tray
  • Decent Flower Tray
  • Good Luck Tray
  • Wooden Golden Tray
  • Wooden Silver Tray


  • Low in weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Easily purchasable
  • Better in quality
  • Beautiful decorative designs

Here Dry fruit Packing Trays, Confectionery Packing Trays, Bakery Packing Trays, Chocolate Packing Trays, Sweets Packing Trays, Bhaji Packing Trays and Indian Handicraft trays are also manufactured.