Printing has become an important part of our day to day life. Everyone from a school student to a millionaire will have said “I need to print my documents”. Printing has come a long way, from woodblock printing to the printing that we all know now, which is the digital form.

The importance of digital printing has been steadily increasing, so much so it accounts to 9% of 45 trillion pages printed annually around the world. In this fast-moving world, where no one has time, even prints need to be prompt. Thanks to companies like Xerox, HP, Kodak  it has become possible to get quality prints at greater speed.

Why Digital Printing?

Digital Printing has a lot of PRO’s to it. They are as follows: –

  1. Lower Setting Up Cost: As there are no plates needed in this method of printing, the cost of setting up is lower, for short runs.
  2. Reduced Wastage: Prints can be done when you need and only the amount that is necessary.
  3. Scope for Designing: Designing can be done effectively and efficiently. There is a huge room for flexibility when it comes to designing your banners or labels, especially when you have a lot them to design. Through digital printing everything becomes easier and print can be done immediately.
  4. High Quality and Speed:Technological advancement has made it possible to deliver high quality output at a faster pace.


Digital Printing is not the only form of printing that you can go for but if you are looking for quality delivered at a greater speed and lower cost provided if it is of a lower quantity, then this is the right choice for you.

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